09 May 2011

Libya, department of corrections, my error

In my last rant I tore into the newest War in Libya. I pointed out how this war IS about oil to some extent, it is also about the 144 tons of gold that Libya holds. I also mentioned that the Wall Street gangsters along with the "too big to fail" gangsters "must" have control of that money and the oil/ I forgot to add the other main reason for this war. THat tip to Reality Zone for reminding me of my error of omission. You see, I neglected to add that the US needs an African country in which to base its newest military force, Africom. As of now, Africom is based in Stuttgart, Germany. Yes, the US military command for the continent of Africa has its headquarters based in that wonderful "African" nation of Germany.  OK, enough of my snide remarks. The thing is, NO country in all of Africa would allow Africom to be based on their soil. Hence, Libya must be "liberated". 
So, there we have the main reasons for the war in Libya, the sovereign fund of that nation (along with all that gold that they hold in reserve), the oil, which is always going to get the attention of the gangsters who are "too big to fail", and the fact that Africom wants a physical base IN Africa. 
Now, the fact that there is also the largest aquifer under the sands of Libya and Egypt is quite high on the list of "goodies" that the "too big to fail" gangsters want to control. So far, I would put the water resource as a very close secondary want. I do this only because I have not seen much about this resource in any report yet. While I do place it in a secondary level, it could go to the first tier at any time. I have seen various reports on the net in the past few years that water and other natural resources will become items that will be fought over in the near future. 
Again, the reasons for the war in Libya, gold, oil, and a base for Africom, with water a very close secondary reason. Any way you slice it, this is a war for resources. There will be many more such war in our future unless there are some very real and serious changes made in various governments. Sorry to be a pessimist, but I don't see those changes coming any time soon.
semper fi


David G said...

Ah, Charlie, I am filled with such misgivings for the future. If the world is to be a place where predators roam and the one with the biggest army gets all the loot, then we have returned to the jungle again.

Only thing is that the jungle didn't have nukes. And the jungle didn't have America!

I foresee a nuclear war. It may start in Pakistan or, a little later, it may start in China.

I suppose it doesn't matter really because the outcome will be horrific and there will be no winners.

charlie ehlen said...

Nuclear war will be a possibility until there are no more nuclear weapons. Just like there will be gun deaths until there are no guns.
I fear that America has returned to the law of the jungle.

Grace said...

Charlie, something for your entertainment..


What happens when Germans sing African music.
Nina Hagen is actually a genius who was banned from Germany!

charlie ehlen said...

I am not an optimist. Sometimes, I wish I could be.
As long as nuclear weapons exist, there will be that possibility of a nuclear war.
Nobody really wins a war though. Every one suffers a loss from war.
Yes, a nuclear war would be horrific beyond our imagining. I hope it never comes to that. Maybe the world can avoid it, I hope.

charlie ehlen said...

Thank you for the link. I needed a break and the video was just the ticket.
Banned in Germany? Why? Too "controversial"?