11 May 2011

My last (maybe) take on the bin-Laden killing

This is going to be my last take on the killing of Osama bin Laden. Well, I think it will be my last, maybe.
Since my last rant here at the old corner, I have read a few more articles on this subject and it has really got to me, again, only a bit worse.
As an American (native born) and a former US Marine/Vietnam veteran, the killing of bin-Laden has upset me greatly. The US and the allies put the high command of the Nazis on trial after the second world war. They were guilty of crimes much worse than anything bin-Laden had ever dreamed of, let alone been responsible for. 
That the US president, who is supposed to have been a Constitutional scholar and something of a legal expert could call this killing "justice" really sickens me. It was in no way, no how, any sort or form of justice. Justice does NOT come from the barrel of an automatic weapon. Justice comes from a trial, in a court room, with a judge, jury, and evidence. In a trial, and by trial I mean a fair trial, the evidence is introduced and argued about by the prosecutor and the defense attorneys. The evidence is there to be presented to the jury, so they can decide the guilt or innocence of the defendant.
I am afraid that America no longer stands for, nor does it actually promote, any sense of real justice today. My (??) country is no longer that which I learned of in high school civics class way back in the mid 1960's. America has fallen back on the law of the jungle. Kill or be killed. This is NOT what America should be. It IS, however, what America is today. 
May whatever god or gods that exist have pity on us, the rest of the world will not, nor should it have any for us.
America, where are you now?
There IS a monster on the loose.
semper fi


Mike Whitney said...

"There's a monster on the loose"?!?

Don't tell me you used to listen to Steppenwolf, too!

Anyway, you nailed it again, Charlie. Justice is the process of establishing guilt or innocence by impartially reviewing the evidence. it has nothing to do with blasting people with sniper rifles.

All Obama did was prove how much he is like Bush. And all the operation did was reinforce the world's belief that it's time for the US to move over and let other countries assume the mantle of global leadership.

Like everyone else, I seem to suffering from empire fatigue.

Grace said...

Right, Charlie. Ahem, the rest of the World, the one we are afflicting should just not notice OR just get over it already!...right?..America the righteous nation of laws. Once upon a time. It is shocking to find out the extent to how far this goes! Its not just the courts. Extrajudicial killings and non approved wars with approved funding!!! All so transparent for anyone paying attention. Those wikileaks were amazingly timely for all that has gone down and now the lengths and depths of non Constitutionality. I feel like a stranger in a strange land. It's hard to just let this bin-Laden bogeyman killing go. It says alot about who we are. Who we are not!

charlie ehlen said...

Great comment.
Wikileaks is a good thing. More people need to hear the truth. The "rulers" don't want us to have that knowledge, that makes it even more important that we get it.
Stranger in your own country? Yes, I know that feeling all too well. And, the country gets stranger by the day. This empire will not end well for many of us.
The worst part is, it didn't have to be like this. The country could have taken a different route. Ah, but then, it may not have had the obscene profits. And, in the "new" Amerikkka, profit is what must come first.

David G said...

Great post, Charlie! There are so many Americans who think like you but, sadly, not enough!

You're part of a minority, a small minority. The Masters of the Universe know that and they don't care what you say. They've got the main herd under control.

Grace said...

The power of the individual.

Look how powerful one man was made. Osama bin-Laden!!!

Yet, we, the few aware individuals are to exist in the margins. Marginalized, unimpactful.

I see how this works.

They've got this herd handled.

For everyone else there is solitary confinement or medication if you cannot calm yourself.

No, Charlie it certainly did not have to turn out this way. Pres. Roosevelt and the New Deal - an aristocrat with a vision of a healthy people and country. The Kennedys and the social leaders that were all murdered changed dramatically the wonderful experiment that was this Great Country of The United States of America. Now we got Cheney, Rumsfeld and the Bushes and their frontman Obama...and it gets more muderous by the day.

gesneri said...

Excellent rant, Charlie, thank you. I've just had to get used to biting my tongue and keeping my mouth shut. Wish I could keep my ears shut, too, when out in public, work,etc. Everyone acting as though a great victory has been won and "justice has been served". A victory has been won--by Osama bin-Laden. I seem to remember hearing that his master plan was to destroy the US by embroiling us in endless, unwinnable wars. And as a bonus, he got us to shred our Constitution.

charlie ehlen said...

True, some of us are on the margins. Hey, I have been here so long it feels like home.
Seriously, we need the margins, just as we need the rest of the world. The trouble is, most don't understand that. They want things all in a neat little package. Life doesn't work that way. Sometimes the person who cries "wolf" is being truthful. That lone voice crying in the wilderness can be the voice of reason. Ah, but there is the trouble, how many are taught now days to think, let alone to think critically? Too few is my guess.
Once upon a time, schools were supposed to teach people to think. Now, it just seems that they "teach" to the test. No real learning or even the joy of learning. So sad.

charlie ehlen said...

I don't care what the "rulers" think or if they even know I exist. I started this blog as a place for me to rant on whatever I feel like ranting on. That some have found it useful, I am grateful for that. I enjoy the comments I get, even the negative ones. What I find to be most interesting is that others feel much the same as I do on many topics.
If this corner lets others know they are not alone, then I have had success far beyond anything I ever would have dreamed of. In fact, I was not sure if anybody would even bother to read anything I had to say.
A very big thank you to all who read and comment here. I really do appreciate all you have to say.

charlie ehlen said...

Yes, old bin-Laden did make those statements. I think he has succeeded quite well. We are bogged down in useless wars of choice that are costing more than we can ever afford. He suckered us into this mess, and we went willingly, even happily. And we call ourselves intelligent? Ha, we were taken to the cleaners. Big time.
I know what you mean about biting your tongue. Every so often I slip when I am out and about. I see some stupid action and before I can catch myself, I burst out with a comment. Not very many are ever happy about that. So far I have managed to get away with no physical injury, but the arthritis is slowing me down more lately. LOL........I may need to get one of those "power chairs" to make my escapes in the future........LOL. Mine would need an upgrade to a turbo charged V-8 though.
Hey, if they can't take a joke or handle the truth, well too bad. At this point in my life, I have nothing to be afraid of.
Yes, I am getting more radical as I get older. Dad did the same.