13 October 2011

Just what IS going on here?

Greetings all.
Just when it looked like the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) was getting a real head of steam and in the news, what happens but the powers that be come out with some ridiculous "plot" that involves the "top bad guy" now that bin Laden is dead. Yep, Iran, the "favored" bad guy of the zionist gang is once again up to doing "bad things".
Well, they are IF you believe the "news" from D.C. and Riyadh. We even got the US Attorney General, Mr. Holder, telling us all about this "vast conspiracy". For an excellent look at this "plot" you just need to pop over to Asia Times and read the column by Pepe Escobar. The link is on this page. I trust Pepe and my opinion is that he is an honest reporter. 
This "plot" involves an entire cast of characters right out of a bad Hollywood movie. It has not just the "evil" Iranians, but it includes even the Mexican drug gangs, the feared Zetas in particular. The "plot" also includes "tons of opium" and of course boat loads of cash. Supposedly this is/was a plan to kill a Saudi ambassador on US soil. Why these "bad guys" didn't think to try killing the ambassador in the Middle East we are not told. Surely with all the tumult in that region it would be much easier to kill him closer to his home territory. The plan to use some Mexican drug gang or other to "do the deed" is also very odd. One would think that the Revolutionary Guards Force and the al Qods force has the capability to do it themselves. Why involve the Mexicans? Plausible deniability? Beats me. It just does seem to be some garbage script for a bad movie the closer one looks at it.
In his article Pepe asks just who benefits from this "plot". An excellent question and he does provide some suggestions. Yes, the zionist entity for one and the war industries included in the folks who might benefit from this. Various other war mongers also might think(??) they could profit from another damn fool war. 
Personally, any thought to invading Iran need to be tossed out right now. A war with Iran would not go nearly as "well" as the current idiot wars we are stuck in today. YES, even worse than Iraq and Afghanistan combined in my humble opinion. 
One other group that may be pushing for the US to attack Iran is the MEK, which was listed as a terrorist outfit by the US government, but has received funds from the US government. Yeah, that is NOT an error, the US government has aided a listed terror organization. I don't have any current information, but we may still be funding that group in some way. Hypocrisy? Well, sure, nothing new there folks. 
A good question to ask about this new "plot" is why was it made public now. According to what I have read about it, the "plot" was known in D.C. since  June. NO, that is not a misprint, the US has known about this since June 2011.  The US supposedly briefed the Saudis in mid September. So, why do they make it public now?  
We,,, call me a "conspiracy nut", but maybe it is to take the media spot light away from the OWS which seems to be getting much attention from the "main stream media". Hey, they need to take the heat off those poor banksters some how. 
Another question that comes to mind, where will the money for yet another damn fool war of choice come from? Who would lend money to the US to attack and/or invade Iran? 
Again, two very important questions arise about this "plot"; who benefits and why now?  Stay tuned for further developments folks, this thing looks to be just getting started.
America, what a country.
semper fi


RealityZone said...

Good round up on this my friend.
Ya, this is total insanity.
They offend me by coming up with this three stooges scenario.
The "I am a Zionist" Biden is already all in.
Along with his Uber Zio/Neo/Lib/Con war hawk Shillary.
This is all about regime change in Iran for the sake of Israel.
Why, one may ask.
If Iran is friendly [obedient] to the West then Israel can do as they please to the Palestinians. They can have further gains in Lebanon, Syria, and the rest of the region.
The Israel/Iran thing has never been about nukes.
It is about Israel expanding and consolidating its Zionist territory.
O will make the gravest mistake of his life if he obeys his Israeli Masters of War any further.

Just because O says it is so, does not make it so.
War is peace - peace is war.

Grace said...

It's BIG. 99% is a lot of people! Should get interesting. Hopefully, persistence will win!

99% is too big to fail what do you think of those beans?!

charlie ehlen said...

I agree on the being offended part. They treat us folks like we are still about 3 hers old. They will find that their arrogance will bite them big time one day. Soon I hope.
I agree that the zionist entity would love a neutralized Iran. They would put down the Palestinians for good then. We need to do what we can to stop that.

charlie ehlen said...

Yes, we do have the numbers when it finally does come down to truth.
It will be a great day for us all when the "too big to fail" gangsters meet their well deserved end.

David G said...

Hey, Charlie, how goes it? See your blog is moving along nicely and even RZ is here.

Yeah, funny things are happening again. The bankrupt imperial nation of America is going about things as if nothing is wrong. What insanity!

Anyway, the world lurches along moving from one catastrophe to another. One day, we'll have a big catastrophe, it's just a matter of time.

Enjoy life my friend while you can. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Perhaps sorrow!

charlie ehlen said...

Thank you for your comments.
Yes, RZ and I have been exchanging blog comments for a long time. We go back a few years.
I try and enjoy life the best I can. We all need to do that. While there is much to be concerned about, we also need to look at the good in life. All gloom makes us very dull and depressed.
Not that we should quit caring or following events, just don't let the news overwhelm us.

Nan said...

It's another fine example of the drama department staffed by the FBI and their ilk. If you look closely at the "terrorists" arrested in this country in the past 10 years, you'll find that close to 100% of them were pathetic losers who got sucked into going beyond talk by an agent provocateur.

john francis lee said...

I think that Nan has hit the nail on the head.

The Informants

The FBI invented this hare-brained scheme, and the CIA breathed life into it with bogus 'intelligence' from their 'contacts'.

It's dejavu all over again. Just like the weapons of mass deception in Iraq.

I can't believe there is a single warm body in the USA who believes this nonsense, outside of the MSM/Neocon cabal, and they don't believe anything. Just say they do.

They know that we know that it's crap. They don't care. They have their 'record' of a casus belli planted in their media, and when it's proved wrong again, after their shot at Iran, they'll just say they erred on the side of caution.

They have to go. All of them.

They're starting another war in Central Africa as we speak.

Republicrats and Demoblicans. We have the power, we just need to use it.

RealityZone said...

This 'alleged" plot was never meant to go down.
It is a false flag.
More to come.
Uganda anyone.
Uganda is about AFRICOM, and Somalia.
The Masters of War just can not help themselves.

charlie ehlen said...

YES, you got that 100% correct. The "best" example or maybe it is the worst to me, was the Miami gang that supposedly wanted to bring down the Sears tower in Chicago.
Those pathetic guys asked their FBI informant for boots! They wanted new boots for crap sake. I doubt they could have found Chicago on a map IF they knew how to read a map. The FBI informant was the "brains" behind that "plot". He instigated any happenings from that group which really wasn't much of a group. More like a few homeless guys who hung out in the same places in Miami.
A joke is being very kind to that "plot" as with this new one.

charlie ehlen said...

John, RZ,
Yes to all that you said. Nan DID hit it right out of the old ballpark.
I have seen that Gobomber is sending troops to Uganda and other parts of Africa.
I suppose that Libya is in NATO hands that will be the new base for Africom. Wow, that outfit will have to move from Germany now.
Of course "we" just "need" troops in Africa, hey, those Africom guys need their own war.
And to think that this clown Gobomber was awarded the "peace prize"/ Makes any further "peace prize" very suspect to me.
The latest winner of that "prize" was unable in her six (6) years as president of Liberia to even get clean, running water to the capitol of her country! Maybe the prize committee has started a new trend with Gobomber. Well,they did give a "peace prize" to old Henry the K.
All I can add without reverting to "Marine speak" is that I am totally disgusted with so much of what goes on in this world.

john francis lee said...

I think they're going to integrate Libya with Europe, Charlie. Give Carthage to the Romans.

Uganda has lots of... oil. What a surprise!

charlie ehlen said...

The fact that there is oil in Uganda is the main reason that the clowns in D.C. have finally decided to send troops to stop the killing there. If there was no oil, they would not bother about any genocide or other mass murder in the country.
Oil, along with the zionist BS is what seems to drive the foreign policies of the USA. If those two conditions are not met, the US will not act. Worse than hypocrites to me. Actually, it makes me sick to see how my(??) country does things around the world. Maybe this OWS will spread across America and allow for some real changes. One can still hope, as far as I am aware, that is still legal here.

gesneri said...

"I can't believe there is a single warm body in the USA who believes this nonsense . . ."

I REALLY wish you were right. Unfortunately, I come in contact each day with those who believe it must be true because the big-haired newscaster on their favorite corporate TeeVee station said so. *sigh*

charlie ehlen said...

Yes, I know what you mean. I run into those who "believe" because the TV told then so. That is another thing we need to try and over come. We need to get the truth out and tell folks that the TV is not always true.
No matter who on TV says whatever, some will buy it. We need to let them know that TV does lie. It isn't easy, I know from personal experience. Still, I try every day. It does get very tiring, but I feel it is necessary.

john francis lee said...

Not always true?... Not always false is more like it. But, most often false.

If its on TV and its about something you cannot immediately verify for yourself, like is it raining outside, a prudent person must assume its false.

This is not new. My Dad took the NY Times, the Herald Tribune, the World Telegram and Sun, the Journal American, the Daily Mirror, the Daily News.. I don't think he ever took the Post... everyday... there were that many and more newspapers in those days... and he used to say, "if you read it in three papers you might begin to think there is something to it"... not assume its true, mind you.

TV is much worse. I promise you... if you get rid of your TV... in a month or two you will wonder how you ever put up with it to begin with.

Still, I cannot believe that people really believe this Iran scam... they might well believe that it's the lead up to a move to attack Iran... we all believe that. But, after Colin Powell at the UN... hard to believe that people cannot see through this one.

charlie ehlen said...

I agree with your comments about the TV and what passes for "news" on the tube. I have not watched any "news" on the tube in a very long time. About once a month, the wife will tune in to HLN, but only for a few minutes.
We do check the weather channel a few times a week. During hurricane season here in Louisiana it is a good idea to do so. IF there is a storm coming our way, we check it more often. Also we have a good weather site on the net.
I also remember the days when a person had access to more than one or two newspapers. Ah, but those were the days when the papers still carried real news and the opinions were NOT front page stories. Were they the "good old days"? Maybe, but I have also come to believe that we are in the "good old days" as they never seem to have been as good as we think they were. These ARE the good old days my friend.
We need to make the most of every day we have.