09 July 2008

just a thought............or three

I had a thought while reading an article this evening. The article is not what I am writing about just now. It did get this old brain to spinning at a slightly higher rpm than normal though.
The article was about air strikes against Iran, and how the Air Farce and Navy have the "capacity" to do in Iran what they did during "Operation Iraqi Freedom".
So, big deal you say. Well, wait i second here. Back before the Shrub had even launched the attack against Iraq, the original name of the "operation" was going to be "Operation Iraqi Liberation". Why the name change you ask? Because if you use the first letters of each word, it becomes OIL. Now it is OIF.
OK, big deal again you say. Well, that was my thought, then it morphed into another thought, I get a bit "off track" at times.
So, here goes my "take" on OIF. Bear with me while this develops, it is a bit convoluted, like much of my "thinking" these days, or longer even. OIF, take it this way, Oh, If. OK, good so far?
Well, "Oh, If this Iraq deal works, we'll go down in history as heroes!"
Take it another way, the one I like best, "Oh! If the Iraq deal goes bad, we'd better be ready to spread the bullshit by the train car load." Yep, I like the second way the best. In fact, it seems to me that things did work out more like the second "interpretation" rather than the first one. Yes sir, OIF. Damn, sure sounded good once upon a time, or so they thought.
See, it wasn't all about OIL after all.
Sure, right on, and how would you like some nice beach front property in the southern area of Arizona?
Just a "passing" thought this evening. Take care folks, fuel prices are still going up.
semper fi

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