29 September 2008

OK, finally time to talk about Palin

Well, I finally went and did it. I watched the video of Mrs. Palin doing the interview with Katie Couric. Man, oh man, I sure wish I had not done so.

First off, I have said from the first time she was "presented" to the press as the running mate for old McCrazy, that she was no "beauty queen". That is still my take on her. Passable, maybe, but NOT a "beauty". Maybe, just maybe if I'd been at sea for a year, but nope, she is not that good looking. Sorry.

Second, as soon as she starts to talk, all bets are off. Her voice has been described by some on the net as sounding like fingernails on a chalk board. Well, it wasn't that bad to my old ears. The problem I found with her speaking is that she makes W. Shrub sound almost coherent. THAT tells you about her "speaking" in my opinion.

Watching the video was not too bad, IF you mute the sound that is. Listening to her, reply"(??) is terrible. Did she ever take any sort of speech class in one of those five colleges she attended? If so, she ought to ask for her money back. The woman cannot express a coherent sentence in my view. But maybe it was because she was "speaking in tongues" during the interview.

The above cartoon fits my impression of Mrs. Palin just fine.

semper fi

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