15 November 2012

Post election blues?............not with the current turn of events

Well, well, what a week. Man alive, who would have thought things would go so "well" after the recent election here in the empire?
Holy catfish folks. Not only do we get a flood of petitions demanding (well, at least asking/begging) for the secessionist gang in nearly every state, we have old "king" David of Iraq/Afghanistan "fame" stepping down as director of the "vaunted"(??) CIA due to some emails by his biographer/mistress.
Anybody who believes that "king" Davids' "reputation"/"legacy" may be damaged is and has been out to lunch for years. Think I am "piling on" poor little Davie?  Well, just check the links on the right side of this page, go to "Pen and Sword" blog. Yes, I know, there have been no new entries. Well, there is a good reason why, Jeff Huber died earlier this year. Man, I DO miss his insight and wit regards this "affair".  Jeff had skewered "king" David many times over the batshit of Iraq and the much "heralded/vaunted" surge. What actually happened was "king" David basically paid the Sunni militias to stop killing US/NATO troops and go kill Shia militia instead. Also, "king" David LOST/misplaced/could NOT account for something on the order of some hundreds of thousands of small arms like AK-47's. So much for the "surge" and the dear to the hearts of the neo-crazies, COIN.
Yes, Petraeus did get all sorts of high praise for COIN. He and his COIN were hailed as "new" and such, actually all COIN was/is is a repeat of the same old Phoenix program the CIA pulled off in Vietnam. Again, go and read some of the excellent analysis Jeff did during his life to expose the "sandbox" generals and the "bathtub" admirals. Man, Jeff knew his stuff cold and he was unafraid to name names. He would have a total field day for months with the current mess with poor old "king" David, the CIA, and the five sided puzzle palace (also know as the Pentagon).

Of course Delayus, er, um, uh, Petraeus will have his defenders and rightly so. However, I object to the bullshit they sling and the cover ups that WILL ensue if they have not started already. The lies and cover up will do zero to help, but may assist those still in office/power to keep some what "clean" and not get caught in the same net with the now former "king" David. The guy has been described as a "genius" in at least two articles I read today alone. OK, he may have been a bit smarter than the average general, but genius? No way Jose! Not by a country mile. Genius? Albert WAS a genius, E=MC2  and all. THAT is genius. COIN as "genius", not ever. no way.

According to one source, we now have petitions from ALL 50 states regarding secession. No kidding folks, it seems that EVERY state wants OUT of the union. We have been through this before people. Well, this just confirms my position regarding Americans and not just world history, but even the history of the USA. There was this thing called the "Civil War" back in the 1860's that dealt with seceding from the union. The states that wanted out lost, big time. This "movement" such as it is, will not go very far in my opinion. I will go even further, no doubt this will piss off many, but too damn bad, it is MY opinion. These clowns want out of the union mostly because a black man was re-elected. YES, I DO think this "movement" to leave the union IS due to racist ideas. The whole "idea"(??) that the USA was in a "post racial" era after the election in 2008 was and IS totally wrong. The racist talk/attitude in the USA ever since the 2008 election was not undercover in any way, it was and IS out in the open. Those who disagree must have been hiding under a rock with NO access to any form of media including the internet and were totally devoid of ALL human contact. A large number of my fellow Americans ARE racist and have never been able to accept that "their" White House was occupied by a black man and his family.

There, I HAVE said it, the USA IS a racist nation. We are NOT anywhere close to being "post racial" no matter who says we are. We SHOULD be past such attitudes, but we are not. I wish with every fiber of my being that we WERE past the racist past. Of course, wishing  doesn't make it so. All any of us can do is to live our lives so that we do not treat others who look different from us with the same respect we want to be treated with. Treat ALL people the way you want to be treated. If we all try, then at some future point in time, we just may get past our collective past. 

In the mean time, we can sit back and watch this all unfold. Will "king" David be called to testify at a congressional committee? How far will theses secessionist "movements" go? Grab a comfy chair, pop some popcorn, get your favorite beverage and watch the show. It has the promise to be one hell of a show. Just do not look for very much truth in it all, remember, this IS America and we still have Faux Noise on the tube.
semper fi


Sierra said...

I don't know what to make of the seccesionist movement, yet. Alex Jones swears it is not racist. Are that many Americans mad at the NDAA and Kill Lists, drones and too many more exceptions to the law?? Gee, for a constitutional law graduate for a President, I would expect less slaying of the Constitution. Strictly constitutionally, secceeding makes sense. It is like the third party challenge that doesn't exist. I will watch and see. People seem pretty charged up for just post election.

charlie ehlen said...

As to those who claim to be against the NDAA and such, where were they when those items were really in the news? Why was the anti-war movement(?) so silent the last four years? Because the guy occupying the White House was a member of the donkey gang? Does that mean that wars of an elephant [resident are bad, but wars of a donkey president are OK?
Yes, one WOULD expect a "Constitutional scholar" to have at least a minimal respect for that document.
I wonder how long the "charge" you mention will last. Is it just a "flash-in-the-pan" as it were? Stay tuned.
Thank you for your comments. You provide much to think on.

john francis lee said...

I liked Ray McGovern on Petraeus, Charlie.

I have two questions ... who set the FBI on the CIA?

Is this just cover to 'prevent' Petraeus from being called before the Congress and spilling the beans on Libya?

The idea that he cannot be subpoened because he was screwing around is nuts.

I haven't heard about the secessionist movement, Charlie. Yeah the KKK is alive and well, the Republicans played up to them again ... probably for the last time ... in the election. Mitt got more than 60% of the white vote ... and still lost. Although not by much if you count actual votes and not the electoral college ... less than 3%.

If more people turned out to vote for humans ... BOb would 'have' won with fewer votes than were cast against him.

As it stands ... americans elected BOb and now he's going to rub their ... our ... noses in it.

Just as in 2008, with operation cast lead, the Israelis are throwing a massacre party in Gaza in honor of the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate's great victory ... and BOb's taking bows and congratulating them on their good work!

It's the US and Israel, the two most degenerate nations on earth at this point, against the world.

Mike Whitney said...

I couldn't agree with you more John Francis Lee about the US and Israel. The new provocation is really pathetic. And what's more pathetic is the reporting, particularly NPR's Linda Gradstein from Jerusalem.

Gradstein has all the credibility of FOX News and is even less entertaining. I've been told she dresses up in full IDF regalia before recording her radio pieces. It wouldn't surprize me at all.

Anyway you folks may want to read
"Jane Harman and Israeli Spying" by Allison Weir over at counterpunch or Justin Raimondo's "Palace Revolution" at antiwar.com.
Both articles seem to infer that Israel may have had a hand in removing the egomaniacle Betrayus.

Anyway, good riddance. Just look at the guys record. Iraq stinks. Afghanistan's a dead loss and Petraeus couterinsurgency theories have all been proven to be bogus.

You can put that on his headstone: Here lies Betrayus: He failed at everything did.

john francis lee said...

Thanks for the links to the two Jane Harman as AIPAC mole at CIA stories, Mike. If they do tell BOb to make the move ... he'll do as he's told.

I was happy ... how happy can you be to read about 19 murders, including little kids ,,, to see the 'news wire' at counterpunch.

But there is a blackout on Gaza not only in the MSM but (especially?) in the 'leftist' blogosphere ... trying not to draw attention to the fact that the guy they were pitching as the lessor of two evils is so effin' evil that it makes no difference at all that there exists a strawman willing to pose as more evil in order to get said 'acceptable', 'lessor' evil man elected.

Unbelievable how corrupted we've become as a nation. It looks to me at this point that if there is a lessor evil its the Republicrats. At least everybody despises them and tries to foil rather than further their plans.

Bill the Butcher said...

Hi, Charlie, I am back. I'll read this later because I have to hit the sack now.

john francis lee said...

And now for something a little bit different than the sky is falling ... still, again ... Fruitlessly searching for a diversion from Gaza I was looking at the populations of pur United States ... and I copied some data at wikipedia to a local spreadsheet to investigate the relative representation we all have in the electoral college. Obviously it's not equal, since BOb won just under 62% of the electoral college by winning just under 51% of peoples' actual votes.

I put the spreadsheet up where you can see it, if you're interested. If you look at the last column you can see your electoral college representation vis a vis a voter's in Wyoming. Wyoming voters are the most well-represented in the electoral college, with about 188k denizens of the state for each electoral vote. California is the least well-represented with about 677k denizens for each of the state's electoral votes. In Louisiana it takes three voters to equal one from Wyoming, collegially and electorially speaking.

But that's a fairly well-known fact and judged to be 'no big deal' (!?). I guess.

The thing that intrigued me is the actual number of electors per state. Each state gets 1 for each representative and 1 for each senator and DC gets 3, total 538. But Texas has 32 House seats, yet gets 38 electors ... 4 more than called for. For instance. And Ohio has 18 and 18, New York 29 and 29 ... but Florida 25 and 29.

The number of house seats adds up to 435 and the number in the electoral college is 538 ... it is wikipedia, but it seems unlikely that errors could 'magically' produce the correct totals ... unless they're magically not 'errors' ... somehow ... maybe states that used to have Bush family governors get an extra 2 electors? And states that have had Bush Presidents get one extra elector for each ex-potus? And the Bush ex-governors get to pick the states that get shorted. Hey, could be. Things have changed in the USA, ya know. The Bush party lost anyway though. Must be a different explanation. Ya gotta keep up. Everything is neo-, neo- these days.

The system is corrupt. This is not news. But it has given impetus to my latest plan ... alternative citizen-run elections in 2014, and from then on in until we legalize 'em. And we prolly oughta keep running them ourselves then, too, anyway. Save us the trouble of getting back up to speed when the 'pros' but 'em in the ditch again.

Hell, the only way we're ever gonna get a democratic government is to build one ourselves. In fact that seems always to have been the case, and likely always will.

I'll scratch my head and try and flesh it out, let you know what I come up with. If you smell wood burning ... no problem. Just me thinking again.

john francis lee said...

As threatened, Charlie, Voting in the USA :)

john francis lee said...

Charlie's down for awhile, but I put up some ... misleading ... information two comments up. So I'll try and fix it.

On congressional representation and the electoral college, the electoral college will vote, its composition based upon each state's representation after the 2012 election. The listings above were for each state's representation before the election. Some states lost population and representation based upon the 2010 census, and some states gained ... TX and FL especially, wikipedia, congressional apportionment.

I've since found a good source of congressional district maps, and lots of other stuff, at govtrack.us and made a little page showing just the 'new', 2012 districts.

Get well on all fronts as soon as you can Charlie. We'll all be missing you till you do.