08 November 2012

Wow, the election is finally over..........for a while at least

Well for a short while, at least, we are done with the election and, best of all, no more suffering through those damn TV/radio adverts telling us all how "bad" the opponent is.
I have no doubt at all that nearly every human being who resides in the old US of A is extremely happy, jumping for joy even, that there will be no more political campaign ads. Well, don't get too excited folks. The 2014 mid-terms are ahead and we may start getting bombarded by them sooner than usual. Hell, the 2012 election seemed to have gone on for years if not decades. Man alive, these elections seem to never end. 

Well, for the sanity of the majority of Americans I have an idea. How about a Constitutional amendment that will limit ALL election campaigns to no more than three (3) months and they must end 3 full 24 hour days before we go to the polls. Any takers for this one? Seriously, there is NO valid reason whatsoever for the campaigns to go on for months and months as we suffered through this round. Sure the folks who make those damn ads get more money as the campaigns drag on for seemingly decades, but we, the people who watch the occasional TV program are the ones who suffer. No, I do not have tiro or any such device and will not buy one. Even having such a device and doing the old "fast forward" past the ads is too much trouble. Just limit them to three months MAX! Let the folks who make said ads get a different job. 

No doubt the supposed "left" is overjoyed. "Dear ;eager" also know as Gobomber or as Bill (Bill the butcher that is) calls the guy, our peace prizident has been re-elected. Big goddamn deal. Yeah, I know, you may say that last is "sour grapes". Not really, I knew the person I voted for had little to no real chance of winning.  OK, so why am I not jumping for joy? Any of the regular readers of this corner know I am not and have not been a "fan" of dear old Gobomber. I am not happy with the results because this president has used the espionage act of 1917 more often than ANY president since that law was enacted! You read that right, Gobomber has used that little used, before he won the office, than any other president including Shrub/Cheney. Almost takes your breath away does't it? Yeah, and remember this guy did win the Nobel Peace Prize. 

This same man, Gobomber also has NOT closed Gitmo as he promised to do when he was elected the FIRST time back in 2008. This president has authorized/conducted MORE drone strikes around the world than Shrub. 

"Dear leader" is also on record as being FOR cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid among other social programs that actually benefit real hard working Americans and those who because of illness or injury are unable to work. What he IS for are the continued cuts to the taxes for the richest 1%. Well, sure thing there charlie, after all, who do "we" think he works for? It sure as hell is NOT the working class or the poor. Nope, old Gobomber works for the top 1%. They contribute more money to him than we do. Hey, we, the working class and poor don't have the extra funds to send to any politician. What little we may be able to part with will never come close, not even collectively, to what just ONE of the top 1% will spend to get their candidate elected. face it folks, we live in a nation that IS ruled by the big money interests/people. 

Some commentaries have said that the presidential election alone will probably TOP $3 Billion! Three Billion dollars??!!! Now that IS some damn serious money. The spending for president, House of Representatives, and the Senate will most likely exceed(!!!) $6 Billion. Now, think about that figure for a few minutes. Yes, 6 Billion dollars were most likely spent by all the candidates who ran for federal office this year. That 6 Billion could have been much better used to provide meals for school kids, or medical care for those without and insurance, or to pay for teachers to actually teach our children.  Basically, this money could have gone for much better use. I am certain all of you good people have or could very quickly make your own "wish list" for that amount of money NOT counting spending it all on yourselves and/or your family members.  That money would make a nice dent in fixing our roads and bridges for another "off the top of my head" list of better uses for $6 Billion. See how easy it is to come up with better uses for the money, and I have NOT set out to make a list, just thinking out loud as it were. 

One bit of good news from the recent election follows. BOTH Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock LOST their bids for office! Well, that IS cause for a real celebration in my book. You remember Mr. Akin, he was the clown who brought up the subject(?) of "legitimate"(??) rape. Yeah, THAT guy. Well, he LOST the election! Damn, that IS good news.
On to Mr. Mourdock, he was the moron who told us all, women in particular, that IF a woman became pregnant due to being raped, well that would all be Gods' plan. Yeah THAT guy. Well, he LOST his run at elected office. Again, damn good news to me.

Now, before you all run out and taunt your "tea party" neighbors, hold on a minute. This does NOT mean that the "tea party" is done, finished, gone for good. Nope, those sort never actually quit. Not because they do not know how to quit, they really Do know how to quit, just not when. These clowns will be back, with a vengeance no doubt. Now I know that some "pundits" or whatever some bloggers/columnists (on the web in particular) are jumping with joy at the "tea party" losses. Sites like the Smirking Chimp for an example are loaded with that sort of "leftists" or "liberals" as they seem to call themselves. Well, if those people are actually "liberals" or "leftists" then I do NOT fit/belong on the "left" and do NOT ever call me a "liberal" or if you do, watch yourself if you are ever physically close to me. Why? Because any who call me a "liberal" of "leftist" will be the recipient of a size 13 boot to their hind end. Yes, I DO wear a size 13 boot. Hey, I am 6 foot 3 inches tall, large feet come with being tall. Don't worry too much though, I only weigh about 175 and being disabled means there will not be a true "full force" along with said kick to the rear. Please, though, do NOT label me as a "liberal" nor a "leftist". By the way, I am NOT a "conservative" either. Actually, I do not seem to "fit" any political party, though I do lean a bit towards the socialists more than any other. I mean lean in a political sense. I DO tend to lean towards my own right side as my left knee is very arthritic and "favor" my left leg/knee, which means I lean while standing to my own right.

All the supposed "liberals" who are celebrating Gobomber getting re-elected are disgusting to me. Will they ever even ask him to stop the drones? Will they even ever ask/beg him to NOT enforce the NDAA? Will they ask/beg him to NOT kill any human being unless said person has a fair trial first? Will they ask/beg him to finally CLOSE Gitmo? I could go on with the asking/begging for much, much longer. I have left out many other "questions" and I am 100% certain that all of you good people have your own lists of "requests" you would like to have Gobomber answer. Like, why does he think(??) he alone can place any of us, Americans included, on his "kill list" and then have any of us droned to death? I bet every reader of this small corner would love to ask the president of the USA THAT question among many, many others as equally important or nearly as important. Good grief folks, I could do an entire post/rant on JUST such questions. And the supposed "liberals" who populate many web sites/blogs are telling us all we should be so very happy that Mittens lost to this Gobomber guy. Well, to that I say bull shit! Those folks need to realize that the "lesser of two evils" is STILL evil! 

In some respects, it may have been better for us had Mittens won. First off, it would get many of the supposed "liberals" OFF their collective fat butts and into the streets, as they did (for the most part) during the 8 years of Shrub/Cheney. How many of you noticed how few real demonstrations there have been these past four years? Where were the anti-war demonstrations the past four years? Hell, the country has been at war during EVERY minute of Gobombers first term. It matters not at all that he "inherited" two failed/failing wars from Shrub/Cheney. As I said above, he has used drones MORE than Shrub/Cheney ever did. Gobomber has gone even further than Cheney would have even thought to try with the "kill list" and his "position" as judge, jury, and executioner. Man alive, I bet Cheney has huge wet dreams of doing that himself. Poor old "dead eye" Dick, his pacemaker may not handle much of those dreams. Fine with me, the sooner he and those like him "check out" the better the world will be for those who are still alive. Vile bastard. (Take THAT NSA) At least had Mittens won, we would be 100% certain that the end of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid along with many other social programs would be ending very soon. With Gobomber, all we know for sure, is that he WILL go along with the damn elephant gang and their "cuts" to the social programs that many Americans depend on to stay alive. Gobomber will cut those needed programs, he will just be a bit less vocal about it and no doubt will claim, as he did the past four years, that the Republican congress critters "made him do it". On that "made me do it" I call Bull Shit! He HAD a Democratic majority when he first took office in january 2009. What did he do with that majority? Nothing! Not one single damn thing worth doing. In short, he pissed it all away. He could have demanded a real national health care system that would have benefited ALL Americans. Not to be folks, nope, all we got was "Obamacare" which does NOT help the people, but it DOES insure obscene profits for the damn health insurance companies. Oh joy. Aren't I "glad" or "overjoyed" that our "dear leader" the good old USA "prizident" won re-election? NO! I am NOT happy one damn but. We got screwed again folks. OK charlie, so tell em what IS new? Well, FEMA seemed to have had a better response to hurricane Sandy than they did for Katrina. THAT is some good news. The bad news follow to that is, there is another bad storm headed towards those same folks who made it through Sandy. I hope all who live on the East coast are OK and staying warm and dry. You and your family and friends are in my thoughts.  While Katrina and then shortly after Rita did severe damage to my area of the country, at least it was not near freezing at night after those hurricanes. I hope all who are/were effected by Sandy and the next storm are safe, dry, and warm. 
On the subject of Sandy and its aftermath, any who want to help, I have a suggestion. Look up a local food bank in the storm damaged area and donate what you can to that type of organization. My experience with the local food bank here in central Louisiana is that ALL donations to the food bank are used locally. The local food bank does help other areas when they have surplus enough to do so. Most every donation to a local food bank stays in the area they operate in. I trust the food bank far more than I trust any other organization including the Red Cross.  You all make your own choices, but if you wish to follow my suggestion, I do not think you will be sorry for it. Just my own opinion and experience. Our local food bank is happy for ANY donations they get, even spare change less than one dollar. Also, keep in mind that even after the recovery from Sandy is done, there will always be a need at all local food banks. Yes, even in America there are many people who cannot afford a decent meal every day and need our help to stay alive. I cannot give enough praise to the food bank here in central Louisiana, they are some of the kindest, most understanding and caring people in the entire nation in my opinion. 

On that note, time to end this rant for now. Thank you all for taking the time out of your day to stop by and have a read. I appreciate every reader and I appreciate ALL comments. Well, OK, I don't much care for the spam, but those are easy to get rid of, so far.
To all, stay safe, warm, and dry. Unless you go swimming or get in a hot tub that is. In that case, get wet.
semper fi


Missy Beattie said...

Progressives happily voted for a mass murderer. Must be okay since he won that peace prize.

john francis lee said...

' Like, why does he think(??) he alone can place any of us, Americans included, on his "kill list" and then have any of us droned to death? '

He 'thinks' he can do that cuz he's already done it ... and got away with it. No problem.

' Gobomber has gone even further than Cheney would have even thought to try with the "kill list" and his "position" as judge, jury, and executioner. Man alive, I bet Cheney has huge wet dreams of doing that himself. '

That's why there was no sweat over Mitt from the Republicrats ... the folks in charge have found BOb to be better than any 'real' Republicrat. Much more effective. When he skips the light fandango the liberal crowd cries out for more!

' At least had Mittens won, we would be 100% certain that the end of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid along with many other social programs would be ending very soon. '

I'm not sure that is the case, Charlie. The liberals, as you point out, would not cry out for more from a Republicrat ... they'd at least go through the motions of opposition, and the Demoblicans in Congress would have to oppose the Republicrat in the White House ... else why even have Demoblicans at all?

Forget the presidency for the next four years. They've got their man in place ... he knows the story and he's stickin' to it.

The only way to stop the killing ... and all the other bad stuff that's going down, but the killing is the one thing that we are all responsible for at this particular point in time that is COMPLETLY WRONG ... is the old fashioned way - take the names of the congress people, tell 'em if the killing doesn't stop we are personally going to see to it that they are out of office in 2014, and then FOLLOW THROUGH. Empty threats don't even work once.

That's stop gap. The only way to regain real control is structural. See 28amen.org.

I was interested to see the turnout ... and turnover ... of the american electorate. Obama got 39% of the white vote and still won. He got 93% of the Black vote, 71% of the Latino vote, and 73% of the Asian vote.

The KKK is out of business and will only get weaker from here on in. The Demoblicans have displaced them as public enemy number 1.

That's a 'secular' trend that, like climate change, is something that's going to keep on increasing no matter what anyone thinks, says, or tries to do about. And, unlike climate change, it's encouraging from my point of view.

Now ... just like the liberals ... americans of color are just going to have think about structural changes ... so we can get some decent Blacks, Latinos, and Asian candidates to vote for, instead of sociopaths like BOb. And so we can break the glass and take control ourselves directly in an emergency.

If we could only get 'em as scared/pissed off as the Republicrats did ... we'd all have it made.

john francis lee said...

I see now there's a renewal of the call : 'let's get BOb to do the right thing'... I realize I live in Thailand ... but I do live on the same planet and I am dumbfounded to read people advocating to get BOb to 'do the right thing' ... now that they have absolutely zero purchase with him. Now that he's won his last election.

Maybe I am from another planet and they will be successful. No one would be happier than I.

But I think of my USA about the same way as I think of Israel at this point : operated by truly reptilean characters who see now no more obstacles to the triumph of their wills.

A case in point is the TPP. the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership. It doesn't take too long to discover that this is the implementation of corporate government, US-style, world-wide.

I think that Boycott, Divest & Sanction was good for South Africa, in fact they could use a replay, is good for Israel and will be good for the USA. BDS occurred to me right after the election, realizing that a slim majority of americans had actually voted in a known war criminal, and the more I think about it the more it seems to be the only solution.

It's like the ICC. You go there when the courts in your own country are so corrupt that 'leadership' is literally getting away with murder. Well Cheney/Bush sent John Bolton to the UN to pull the US out of the way of the ICC when they set out on the string of serial war crimes that BOb has embraced and 'improved' a decade later.

BDS is what you call for when the entire population, at least a majority, of your country is so corrupt as to be incapable themselves of righting the wrongs their nation has literally integrated into its way of life.

And post 11/6 2012, that's where we are in the USA.

Better to admit it and call in help than to stay in denial, says I.

Sierra said...

" face it folks, we live in a nation that IS ruled by the big money interests/people."

You got that right. I think they call it Democracy and let us vote every four years - just so we won't riot.

You make good points about the plight that We, the people, are in.

I haven't seen a good march for peace since before the 2003 Iraq war. Seems everyone lost heart and hope after that. Unfortunately, while we lost hope, others lost life and limb. Such is the state of affairs.

I am disgusted by our Grim Reaper President. Literally, that is his drone logo - the grim reaper!!! Not all Nobel Prize winners can declare a grim reaper as their logo.

Oh Charlie, my crystal ball sees nothing good on the Empire front. Aside from my own personal happiness, I don't see much to be happy about on the Global scale. Too many innocents losing their lives and with no accountability. The value of life seems to be low as low as our own economy.


charlie ehlen said...

Thank you for your comment.
I agree with you 100%. I may have to now call him our pice "prizident". What a joke that award is now. Yes, when Henry the K was given it, we should have seen how little it actually means. Gobomber just put the last nail in its coffin.
Sorry to be so slow with this reply to your comment

charlie ehlen said...

Great comments, as always.
Yes, Gobomber is more suited to the "powers that be" and I think mainly because a member of the donkey gang destroying Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid will be MORE effective at that job. IF a member of the elephant gang tried, as Shrub sort of did, the "liberals" would be up in arms and making noise all over the place. When the "rulers" get a donkey gang member to do it, the "liberals" will use the crap they did the past four years, to whit, "he had no choice, the big bad elephants MADE him do it."
I call bullshit on that!
We have been sold down the proverbial river. It is just that many do not yet see this truth. And NO, the sell out did not start with the current occupant of the White House.

charlie ehlen said...

Thank you for your comments.
Yes, we get to vote for president every four years. I do not remember who said this, maybe I.F.Stone or someone else, my memory fails me on this. Any way, he said that IF voting actually accomplished anything meaningful, voting would NOT be legal.
If any readers know the correct attribution, feel free to let us know who said that.
Yes, Sierra, it is very difficult to see any good news or slim chance of hope in this crazy world. We are still plagued by outdated mythologies and unrealistic expectations. I will add that in my opinion, America has yet to overcome its racist past.
Just my own personal opinion. I would venture to add that this is part of why life, particularly foreign lives, are held to be next to worthless. Disgusting and must change. This country cannot keep treating others as ours has for far too long. We make more enemies than friends by the minute with our deluded empire and wars of choice. We could do an entire post on this alone.