06 January 2012

When I'm on a roll.......

Yes, back again.
Man, when I get all wound up, I don't seem to stop. Well, the Energizer Bunny has no worries, I won't keep this up much longer. I'll run out of steam soon enough. Until then, here are some other things I found out and about on the old net.

A big hat tip to a good friend and frequent commenter at the corner. Thanks John. 
From the latest that he posted at his site; http://robinlea.com/wordpress comes the news that  the folks over at the five sided puzzle palace (the Pentagon) are seriously set to cut military retirement AND health care benefits for the military. Oh, but before you "cheer" any serious military cut backs, they will not stop buying more high tech weapons. No sir, got to have more and fancier toys for those generals to command all over the globe.
Now this just figures doesn't it. Cut retirement and health care for the troops. Get forced to enlist in the military as there are very few jobs available, go off to some damn fool war of choice, get wounded and now, your health care will be drastically reduced if not eliminated totally. How is this going to aid in getting more fresh recruits? Or, is this just part of the plan to further "privatize" the military and the wars? Maybe that is what the intent is, get more "contractors" actually mercenaries, to fight the wars. While the cost per mercenary is higher than for regular troops, the government will not be on the hook for their medical care. That will be up to the companies that provide said mercenaries. Or, better yet, the outfits who supply these hired guns might just claim that these gunslingers are individual, private contractors themselves and are therefore responsible for their own medical bills. Boy, the hired guns had best start getting a savings policy started so there might be some funds in the bank or under the old mattress in case they are wounded. 
How does cutting the retirement and health care for the military support the troops? This idiot government of ours keeps telling us all that we must "support the troops" and they go and do something like this. No doubt our "support" for the troops might even extend to paying the cost of their health care now. Maybe the families of the troops will now get the medical bills for their sons and daughters who are injured while in military service. This way, the government could really save as they will no longer have to provide decent hospitals and long term care and the VA can be cut way back also. The only health care the military may then provide is just the front line medics/corpsmen and possibly some sort of triage hospital. Any care needed beyond that will be billed to the troops and/or their  families. Yes sir, cost savings that can then be used to buy ever more high tech weapons/weapon systems.
No doubt the congress totally approves of this cost cutting method. Support the troops? Not so much.

Well, 2012 sure has got a fast start. So much outrage that even old, broken me has so much to rant about. And today is only the 6th of January. If the rest of the year is like this, I'll be totally wore out before the election in November, assuming we get one.

Another story  has the elephant gang up in arms over an "unprecedented" power grab by Gobomber (aka Mr. Hopey/Changey).  You see, he made a recess appointment of a certain Mr. Cordray to head the Consumer  Financial Protection Bureau. The claim is that congress, or at least the Senate, WAS still in session. From the bit on the Daily Show that they were in session is up for debate. Still, it is a bit odd that they are angry that Gobomber finally made an appointment to that job  that congress created two years ago. Actually, by finally getting the top spot in the CFPB in just two years is fast by the D.C. standards.  How many jobs that were vacant when Gobomber took office are still open? I have no idea, but I am certain that more than a few are still open. Well, getting that "piece prize" and fighting all them that wars be hard work ya know. 

A couple of other items caught my attention, if only briefly. Old McCrazy is really starting to show some early signs of senility. While he was giving a speech to endorse Mittens, he said that Gobomber would turn the country around. One of the handlers had to tell him more than once that he was supposed to say Mittens would turn the country around. Getting old is not for the faint hearted folks. 
The other item was where the folks at  Freddie Mac said they do not care at all if Newt tells us about the terms of the contract he had with that outfit. Seems that Newt was asked about the contract and he had said he could not discuss it, the folks at Freddie Mac didn't want that made public. Poor Newt, caught in his own mess, again. Any bets that he is working on another mistress to replace wife number three yet? Yes, I know that was rude, mean, etc of me. Oh well, he earned it. Dump you wife as she is recovering from cancer and I'll rip you also. Talk about bad timing, or was it just that he is a pure mean spirited jackass? 

America, what a country
semper fi


john francis lee said...

It's second from the top now Charlie. But I'm sure others have seen it by now. It's from Russian TV.

On top is the subject of our ambassador to Thailand, where I live now. I'm sure it's under the radar for most folks back home... but the deal is this...

Thailand is run by an ancien regime which has elevated its King to the same sort of cult status as Kim Jong-il in North Korea.

The Thai people themselves have been pretty silent about it for... 60 years!.. primarily because the King himself is just used as a tool by the Royal Thai Army, the bureaucrats in the permanent government, and the plutocratic 1%.

But since the 2006 coup... the most recent of 19 or 20 coups since the USA took an interest in the Royal Thai Army... when the RTA overthrew a guy who was pandering to the people with populist programs... a first in Thailand, if you can imagine that, and the Thais really appreciated free health care!... the role of the King, at least his acquiescence to all the anti-democratic stuff that goes on here has been noticed.

Enter Joe Gordon, an American Citizen from Colorado, a used car salesman they say, naturalized thirty years ago, originally from Thailand. He has a website and put up a link to an academic treatise printed by Yale University Press on the Monarchy in Thailand. He may have translated some of it into Thai. Joe visits Thailand and they throw him in the slammer for dissing the King.

That's the background. What does the US Ambassador to Thailand do when the Thais throw a US citizen in jail for exercising his free speech in the USA?

Nothing. Worse than nothing, they leave him in the slammer for four months and then advise him to plead guilty! He gets two and half years, and it's all hard time in Thailand.

Hillary Clinton has been running all over the world blowing her horn about free speech, the internet, and democracy... until its time to pay back Thailand for letting the CIA torture 'suspects' in Thai bases on Thai soil. They turned the guy who later ran their Libyan operation here in Thailand, according to wikileaks. Then its under the bus with a US Citizen, as a courtesy to the Thais!

State had no problem getting a murderer out of Pakistan, or getting a Russian arms dealer out of Thailand, even when they had to ride roughshod over Thai law to do it! But an ordinary US Citizen... in the slammer for a non-crime... no can do.

Anyway that's what's on top there if you notice it. It's amazing to watch the US Government at work from an exterior perspective. Not only are they making enemies for all of us all over the world but they're looking two-bit cheap and tawdry doing it.

And they have no compunction at all at sacrificing individual Americans... whether civilians or in uniform... in service to the foreign policy goals of the the multinationals and the Israelis.

It's time for a change. It's getting worse a whole lot faster now than it used to be.

david g said...

Great article, Charlie, and a good comment from John.

You're doing good things on your site. We must be getting the message through to many and helping change to take place, slow though it is.

Take care and all the best for the New Year!

charlie ehlen said...

When I posted my comment, it was the first entry, or the newest entry if you will.
Of course the US government will not aid Mr. Gordon. Is he rich? Is he very rich? Does he contribute large sums of monies to either wing of the war/greed party? Is he famous in his own right? If he is none of those things, he will be considered an "average" American citizen and will get no assistance from the government. In fact, he may thank his lucky stars or whatever else he wishes to thank that he has not (yet any way) been deemed a terrorist by the US government.
Yes, I AM that cynical about the US government.Yes, the same government will sacrifice any of us "common folks" at any time, of their choosing of course. They will never get their hands dirty while doing so, they hire that out. They hire out a good many jobs and off shore the best paying jobs so as to create a third world dictatorship here in the US.

charlie ehlen said...

Thank you very much my friend. I visit your site every day. I had not commented recently as the folks who have, said what I may have said and they did as well or maybe even better than I would have.

john francis lee said...

Yeah, I realized the timing on your post, Charlie, I just wanted folks to be able to find the posting if they looked for it. I often fail to look 'below the fold' myself.

And the post you referred to is now the third. I found two postings on Fallujah that I combined and that's on top now.

That's a very, very sad story indeed, for Fallujans, for Iraqis, for Americans, for the world...

' The International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg held following World War II that the waging of a war of aggression is:

' "essentially an evil thing...to initiate a war of aggression...is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime, differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole." '

david g said...

You have a style all of your own, Charlie. May your voice ring out as often as possible!


Grace said...

Charlie, What the heck is going on anymore?! Are people that uncaring? These laws passed in the nights with no real dialogue with The People, aka citizens, of a democratic nation?!.. I heard there are morgues with freezers full of Police! who wouldn't go along with the fascist plan in Syria - home to our Fifth Fleet. The famously brutal Secret Police of Egypt are now called Homeland Security. No connections whatsoever..? I think you figured out where this is all going: Mercenaries, aka independent contractors will be billed for their own injuries. They will be debt slaves. The lowest of the low. Hired killers of the state in debt slavery to the state. God help us all! One Planet, one human race.