05 January 2012

A funny thing happened on the way to the caucus.

Well, the first "test" of the 2012 election year is now history. The Iowa caucus is over. As of this morning, 3 January, 2012, it looks like Mittens came out on top with the nutty Santorum a very close second. From the early reports, Mittens won by eight, yes 8, votes. Talk about your close calls. Ron PAul came in third. The "surprise" is Newt. From what I can gather, old Newt finished a rather distant fourth. Yes, he came in 4th.
Why is that a topic here? Well, it seems that Newt is the first "victim" of the nasty bit of judicial ruling, aka, Citizens United. You remember that one, the decision by the Supreme Court that allows for corporations to stoke the election campaigns with unlimited monies and they do not have to report how much they give or who the give it to.
The "super PAC" that supports old Mittens pumped tons of money into the campaign leading up to the Iowa caucus this week. In short, Mitt and his supporters way out spent Newt and every other candidate. My irony meter may not be operating 100%, but to me it is rather amusing that the first politician to "suffer" from that court ruling would not just be a member of the elephant gang, but in fact, one of the biggest members. That Newt is that "victim" has a very nice ring to it for my opinion. Imagine, Newt falling "victim" to a nasty bit of legal opinion that had been pushed by the elephant gang and clowns just like Newt. I would not be at all surprised to find out that Newt himself was behind that move and no doubt he cheered the ruling. Poor little feller, he should have learned long ago to be careful what he wishes for.
Yes, there is a rather delicious flavor to Newt being done in by a right wing bit of garbage.
The unfortunate thing is that some very worthy people will also be done in by that court ruling. This is just the start of the election cycle. No doubt the super PAC that helped Mitt to his "win" will be out to shoot down other candidates and when we get to the general  election this fall, expect more of these super PAC's to be out in force buying the election.
America, what a country.
semper fi.

p.s. Hold the presses! I just checked at Think Progress and they have a report that claims that the nut, Santorum, actually won in Iowa. The claim is that a typo gave Mitt 20 extra votes. Well, no matter, the money did help Newt to end up fourth any way. I did not care who "won" the Iowa caucus. As you know if you stop by here very often, I have no use for either wing of the war/greed party. I support neither the donkey nor the elephant gang. 


Mike Whitney said...

Just the thought of Santorum in the oval office makes me shudder.

Do ya think old Rick S would hesitate to use his new powers of infinite detension on some old guy like me, Charlie???

Hell, no. He'd lock me up for life plus 10.

charlie ehlen said...

No doubt the Catholic Taliban would lock us both in some prison and toss the key in the trash dump.
When he was a Senator, he was called the dumbest thing in congress. What a moran. I spelled that wrong on purpose. Remember that sign from a "tea party" gathering? The photo is on the net.The whole gang of elephants remind me of that misspelled word.
Maybe they are morAns. Got to put a capitol A in there for them...LOL. YES, I AM picking on them.
At least I am staying polite language wise.

john francis lee said...

The thing I noticed was that Romney and Santorum were at 30K and Ron Paul was at 26K... not so far behind. If Paul goes from 3rd in Iowa to 2nd in NH he'll be gaining momentum.

He's the only possibility in the race as far as I'm concerned. I simply cannot vote for any of the others. If it comes down to a write in it'd be Paul if has a real chance and Rocky Anderson otherwise.

The race is not for the White House, in my opinion. Small chance of winning that. It's the 435 House seats and the 33 chairs in the Senate that can make a real difference - if something with some popular force behind it, like Occupy, can focus attention on the real possibility of seizing control of the House.

If we the people, WTP, could actually grab 50 or 100 seats in the House it would be the beginning of the reinstitution of popular government in the USA. We could have the government back under control the time after that that, with a real shot at the White House. And we'd be feelin' our oats Big Time and ready for some serious restructuring, just as happened at the turn of the last century, that would keep power in our hands... 'til we decided to let it slip through our fingers again.

But we'll have to do it all by ourselves. The media, the parties, the government, and all the corporations in America are lined up against us.

The funny thing is... we can bury them if we just organize and do it.