03 January 2012


Back again.
I have added another link on the old corner. It is one I should have added long ago, but I'm old, disabled, and lazy. Some days, all at the same time. The old part is more or less constant. Can't seem to escape that, but none of us seem to do it. The disabled part is a constant that I'd be happy to be rid of. If only it were a tradable commodity. The lazy is the part that comes and goes. I hope to get it to go more in the future.
The link is for an excellent site and monthly report by Mr. William Blum. Many of you probably already stop by his site and/or subscribe to his excellent Anti Empire Report. If you have not visited his site please do and sign up for the report while you are there. So far I have not found much to disagree with him on anything he has written in his reports. You might even want to buy  a book he has written. Highly recommended by me.

This caught my attention today as I surfed the old net. There are two companion bills floating through the congress now. They are; HR3166 and S1698. These vile pieces of bovine excrement would allow dear leader and/or the "appropriate authorities" to strip the nationality (citizenship) from anybody caught "engaging in or supporting hostilities against the US. That includes US nationals would lose their US citizenship if they are found to be doing such things. YES, a natural citizen, that is born here in the US of A, would lose his/her citizenship if he/she is deemed to have engaged in or supported hostilities against the USA. This then makes it SO much easier to be sent off for indefinite detention in some dank, dark hole of a prison. And here I was thinking that after the vile crap of the recently signed NDAA, things had hit bottom. Well, it looks like the government is doing what I have done at times when I have been depressed. When they hit bottom, they grab a damn shovel and start digging to see how much deeper they can get. 
It never fails. Every time I think we have seen the absolute worst that this government can do, they come along and stoop even lower. Folks, there is NO depth to which they will not stoop.

A personal not; it has been with extreme care that I have kept my language on the polite side for this post. My brain is screaming the most vile obscenities at this sack of garbage that is being passed off as |"legislation". Mind you, these bills are just now in committee and have not even been voted on by either house. Of course, we have seen this sort of garbage get voted on and passed, then signed into law before, so we need to keep a close eye on these bills. 
America, what a country.
semper fi


Grace said...

Whoa, Charlie.. Brilliantly put about hitting bottom and then digging deeper! Wow, I thought we had hit bottom last week. This week's news is worse~! What is the hurry?!

charlie ehlen said...

Great comment.
Yes, one does wonder why they seem to be in such a hurry. Maybe there is some bad news about to be released and they want to be "prepared" for our reaction to it.
What evil lurks in the minds of government? The Shadow knows.........Sorry, I couldn't resist that one. Ah yes, the old days of radio "dramas". I still remember some of them like "Gang Busters".

Grace said...

Enquiring minds want to know! Does make a bystander take notice and wonder. Bad news is in the wind these days! Must be Fuk u shima Die eachie. Something bigger? Ugh. Sounds toxic whatever it is. It's easier to just live in my little world and pull the covers over my head. It helps having a kid around. Although I don't think that matters, I am a big kid. I love nature and the birds and as long as there are birds and squirrels all around my house it makes it easier. Peace.

gesneri said...

Looks like the new year isn't any kind of a step up from where the old year left off, but then I really didn't expect it to be. Thanks for the heads up, Charlie, I'll have to check out those bills on thomas.gov.

charlie ehlen said...

The damaged nuclear plants in Japan ARE still a huge problem for Japan and the rest of the world. They will be for many years to come in fact. I am going to include two very good web sites on that in the next rant at the corner. Stay tuned.
We don't have any kids living here with us. Not even any furry critters. That may change in the future. I miss having cats around. Watching the squirrels and birds is OK, but not the same. It'll have to do for now though.

charlie ehlen said...

Yes, the new year is not having a good start in some respects. Leave it to our government to bring out the worst in people, example, congress. Oh nuts, that comment may make me a terrorist. Oh well, it is my opinion. Freedom of speech may not be around for much longer.