03 December 2009

and now it just keeps getting deeper

Oh boy, have we been had!
I don't know if I should laugh or cuss. I just caught some news on al-Jazeera. Herr Gates has stated to Congress that the president has given him the "leeway" to send an additional 3,000 troops to Afghanistan. That is OVER the 30,000 that Go-bomb-them told us the other night that he will be sending to that cluster f**k.
Yes, you did the math properly there, a total, so far, of 33,000 new troops to the killing fields of Afghanistan. And you voted for Go-bomb-them because you "thought" he was anti-war? Well, he sure as hell fooled you, didn't he?
I could sit here and say, "told ya so". But just because I voted for Ms. McKinney, not the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in D.C., I won't do that. It isn't polite, and those who honestly believed this guy might be anti-war have enough grief to deal with. So, no, I won't rub it in.
Now, another question for you all. Do you really think that he will start to draw down the number of troops in Afghanistan in the summer of 2011 as he said he would the other night? Can you still trust this guy? Is it that hard for you to see that he is just another liar, a typical politician? Come on people! Wake up! The guy said whatever he needed to say to get elected. He is not a savior nor is he in any way anti-war.
Hell, if he was truly an anti-war person he never would have made it out of the primaries, IF he would even have been allowed to run in the first place. This is America, anti-war people do not get elected to office, at least not to any office with real power behind it. Not today for sure. Maybe someday, but dreaming won't help just now.
We need to protest this damn idiot war of choice. It matters not at all that a member of the donkey gang occupies the White House. Hell, LBJ was a member of that gang and he "suffered" all sorts of protest demonstrations. Why not picket Go-bomb-them? What has he done for America?
Well, he has escalated the stupid, idiotic war in Afghanistan is what. For that he should be picketed and protested against. Email the White House, email your Congress critter. Call them. Tell them to end the goddamn stupid wars of choice. These wars are not making AMerica safer. In fact, they are insuring that we now have more enemies than ever before. Every time we kill a civilian (collateral damage) we create more "terrorists". Every dead Afghan has family, they will demand revenge. It is in their culture to do so. Not unlike America. What you say? America wants revenge? Damn right! We invaded Afghanistan and then Iraq because Shrub and crew said they were behind the attacks in New York city and the Pentagon. Revenge was what motivated this country to go half a world away to "kick ass and take names". Pure, simple revenge. And we just create more enemies by killing more innocent civilians.
We are stuck in two idiotic wars of choice. There is no end in sight for either. The SOFA (status of forces agreement) with Iraq is not worth the paper it is printed on. Why? Because it is baed on "facts on the ground", just as the 18 months and out for the new Afghan troop deployment is. And those "facts on the ground" are very much subject to change. Can you honestly believe that when summer 2011 gets closer that old McCrystal will not say, well, things have "changed" and we "need" to keep the troops here longer? Think he won't say that? If you really believe he won't, I just might have a nice bridge for you to buy. Or maybe some nice beach front property in, oh, Arizona.
We are in these wars for the long haul people. There is no "exit strategy" for either. There won't be either. This is the "long war" the Pentagon has been lusting for since the Soviet Union fell apart. The "long war" has NO end. That is the "beauty" of it all. Endless war for endless profits for the likes of Boeing, Lockheed-Martin and the other "defense" corporations. These wars have nothing at all to do with "democracy" or "human rights", those are just smoke screens to keep us in line with our "leaders" wishes.
The country is being run by the war profiteers and the "too big to fail" banksters. They all make obscene profits from war. Way back in 1933, General Smedley Butler wrote a pamphlet entitled "War is a Racket". He was 100% correct then and even more so now. War is a business, and the profits are great. Not for those who do the fighting and dying however. They are expendable. Mere cogs in the machine.
Notice how those who cry the loudest for war are those who have never been to war. Most of them have never even worn the uniform of any military.
We have been lied to for years people. We all need to protest against these stupid, illegal, damned idiotic wars of choice.

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RealityZone said...

LOL. I am not interested in beach front property. I live in ARIZONA. lol

Ya, this is the long war, the war without borders. He even mentioned Somalia, and Yemen. [tptb]= the powers that be= are now entrenched. The international banksters have financed every modern war, on both sides i might add. Obama was the chosen one. He was groomed for this. The mic, and the Generals now know what they can get away with. They are just like the heroin addicts, they will keep coming back for more and more. IT is a one party system that we exist under. Start listening for A FREE BALUCHISTAN. That will be the battle cry for the balkinization of Pakistan.