01 December 2009

we knew this was coming

Well, the war lovers should all be happy now.
Yep, Go-bomb-them has "decided" to send more troops to the disaster of Afghanistan. Thanks loads there bud. I keep looking for that "change" we were supposed to be able to believe in. Some change there Mr. President. Just what we didn't need, more body bags filled with our dead troops. More money down a rat hole. Merry goddamn xmas to you too there in the White House.
No doubt the idiots like Limburger, Beck, and the rest of that crew will howl that we aren't sending enough troops off to war. Anybody else ever notice how those who cheer the loudest for war and more war are those who never saw war in person. In fact, most of them never even wore a uniform of any military. How is it that some people actually listen to the likes of Beck, Limburger and that bunch talk on and on about war. Those morons never even were in the military. Beck could not pass the mental tests to enlist and Limburger got a medical deferment. How is it that some people actually think these fools know anything about war? What the hell do they even know about the military? They never served. Why listen to somebody who has no experience with the military or war? Is America that goddamn stupid? Enough of the country must be, these fools get the ratings, so somebody is watching/listening to them. Holy shit! Well, go follow those jack asses, see where it gets you. Oh, and when it blows up in your face, I WILL laugh at you. Damn right I will. Don't ever stop to listen to anybody who has actually been in a war. Nope, just follow the bloody loud mouth fools.
And then we have our(?) cowardly, bought and paid for Congress critters who tell us how "free" we are. Yeah, sure we are, free to kiss the hind end of zionism.
First thing to do, ban AIPAC.
Second thing, close every military base we have in every foreign country and bring ALL of our troops home. I'd let the Marines stay on guard at our embassies. They do provide security and they look good in dress blues. They have a tradition of embassy guarding also. Plus, I was told that embassy duty is very good duty.
Third, we shut down the war profiteers. Yep, the defense(?) contractors. Put the money into what we really need, like a decent national health plan that covers ALL Americans. Something like the Congress critters give themselves at OUR expense. Why do they get to have "socialized" medicine and we don't?
Then we break up those "too big to fail" banks. Also, we bring back Glass-Steagal, with even better oversight.
After that, we have real elections.
We might actually be able to restore the old Constitutional republic.
Just my Xmas wish list. And yes, I use Xmas. Why not? This IS America where the only thing that matters is profits.
Oh, one more thing, NO Xtians allowed in government. ALL religions will have to register as agents of a foreign power. Put some real separation between religion and government. Anybody who says he/she is a member of any religion first and an American next is out of any government position.


RealityZone said...

LMAO; WOW MAN. I agree with everything you said.

Yes, we did know it was coming. He was groomed for this. [same ol same oil] A lot of loopholes for him to slither through. [conditions on the ground] will be heard a lot. We are not going any where and they know it. Just as the banksters are buying time, so is the military. [problem] both are broken. our govt. is broken due to lobbyists, [aipac] [mic] [wall st] [the fed]. This is unfixable. we must start from the beginning. This is more than nation building, this is modern day colonialism. Fix America, before it is too late.

RealityZone said...


pepe escobar is one of my favorites.

Beaver Driver said...

Oh my aching Army ass, another middle of the road dislike both political parties brother in arms Vietnam Veteran with the balls to tell it like it really is. Welcome home brother.

I have read your blog from beginning to end and have found nothing to disagree with except your notion/dislike of government employees.

Please come visit my blog, while not political you might find it readable.


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