16 November 2009

well, it was a nice vacation

Well, I sure had a fun day at the drags Saturday. The "vacation" from poli-tricks was too short though. No sooner than I get over 1100 new photos downloaded to the old iMac than what pops up? Sarah Palin!
Holy crap. I thought the moose burger bimbo was still in Alaska. Yes, I know, she did quit as the governor of that state. Funny, but she still had close to half of her FIRST term left to fill.
Now that is really a fine politician for you. Some "radical" type who is "for the people" for sure. Hell yes. Get yourself elected as "one of the little people" and then, half way through your first term, well, just quit. Simple. Nothing to it folks. See how "good" she is? Just how much did she do for the state of Alaska during her half of a term? I'd bet it wasn't very much. The reason is, I have heard where it takes close to a year for the new person to just figure out who is who in the government. You can only get down to the real work after the first year in office. And that gave her, at best, one year to do much.
Well, the people of Alaska elected her. Poor folks, I feel for them. At least they didn't have to hold a special election to replace her. Just move the number two person up one spot.
Now the moose burger bimbo is on a book tour. Of course she had a professional ghost writer "help" her with the book. Help? More like have it ALL done for her. Supposedly the tome is over 400 pages. Now, I seriously doubt that Ms. Palin could fill five pages, double spaced, hand written. How she "managed" to write over 400 is way too much for me to believe. No, it is ALL ghost written in my opinion.
She has two "big interviews" already lined up also. She will be on Ophra and Baba Wawa will also get to "interview" her. Boy, I bet she won't have that Katie gal do one this time. Now that would be funny. Why, I'd almost be tempted to find somebody who owns a TV set and watch that one. Notice I said almost. Remember, almost, like close, only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. Oh yeah, and nuclear weapons.
Of course she is scheduled to be on Rush Limburger. Naturally. I bet she will show up on Faux Noise also. And you can bet your last dime that Keith Olbermann is crying that she won't be on his show. Olbermann is just as phony as O'Really, Beck, Limburger, and the rest of them.
Oh, some small bit of good news. Lou Dobbs is now gone from CNN. Maybe CNN has decided to get back to doing actual news again and stop the editorials. Well, if Wolfie is still employed at CNN then it still is not worth watching.
Back to Palin. Why anybody gives a rats hind end what she "thinks" about anything is beyond me. She claims to be "one of the people". Yeah, sure she is. How many "just plain folks" have the life style that family have? No, I don't mean the unwed teenager in the family. I mean the money they have. That house in Alaska didn't come cheap. And I do not believe her "story" about how she and the family did NOT want all those new clothes that the McCain crew "forced" onto them. Sure they didn't. And the Pope is a Baptist too. Or is he Pentecostal? Heck, I keep forgetting just what he is.
What is it about morons like Palin that seem to fascinate the American public? Do any real people actually give a crap about her? Or is it the media that keeps pushing her on us? Either way, she should have stayed in the North in the snow until global warming melted it all.
This is just another damn diversion. With the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq going badly, the economy (do we still have one?) in the toilet, the "incident" at Fort Hood, Go-bomb-them on his Asian trip, the Russians making noises about the gas supply to Europe, and other really important things, we get Palin again. Like I said, she is being used as a diversion here folks.
There are some pundits, on the net also, who are making the claim that this bimbo will be a "king maker" for the elephant gang. What?? This clown who cannot speak English much better than the idiot Shrub as a "king maker"??? One internet pundit even said she could be a "king breaker", in that if SHE doesn't approve of the person the elephant gang runs in 2012, then that person won't even get nominated!!! Again, WHAT???
How in hell did this failure get that sort of power? Are the elephants that bad off? Really?? Man, oh man, I knew that the elephant gang was in serious bad shape, but if this gal has that sort of power with them, they are way worse off than even I could ever imagine. Good grief, get the funeral party together now, the elephant gang died, but they don't know it yet. Seriously, if a clown who quits half way through her first term can have the power these pundits say she has, then the elephant gang IS dead. It just needs the burial.
On a more serious note regards Palin. She could be very dangerous to America. She had at her rallies during the 2008 campaign, people who, when Obama was mentioned, yelled out "Kill him!". They also shouted "Traitor" and "Treason" when his name was mentioned. Now that sort of shit is very dangerous folks. This clown lady could lead us to a type of Hitler. NO, she is not that, she doesn't have the brains to be that. But, she could set the stage for one. She comes across like a demented Joe Goebbels. NO, not Joe the plumber, the Nazi propaganda minister. She could be the cheerleader for the next Hitler. And, she has experience at that. Wasn't she actually a cheerleader in high school? I seem to remember that she had been. I may be wrong on that. Need to "fact check" it.
The thing is, we have some very un-smart folks in America today, didn't want to call them dumb, so I used un-smart. And the trouble with that sort is they tend to listen to fools like Palin, Limburger, Beck, O'Really, etc. When Limburger pushes some clown, the "ditto heads" flock to the new clown. All because "rush" said to do so. Now, I wonder if Beck will cry if the moose burger bimbo doesn't come on his show? Wouldn't you like to see that? Beck having a cry on air because Sarah turned him down. I'd watch the video on the net. No, it would NOT get me to go and buy a damn TV set. I don't sell out that cheap. Besides, something like that would be on the net almost immediately, so I'd still get to see it, over and over......LOL.
What would be best, my opinion, is for the snow queen (Palin) to form a third party. Then she could go down in flames, another donkey gang critter wins in 2012 and the snow queen fades into the darkest pages of history. Just like Teddy R did when he ran his bull moose party.Oh, and she could take Limburger, and ALL of Faux Noise and Dobbs with her. And the idiot woman Congress critter from Minnesota. Bachmann(sp). Hey, I can still dream. Or is it hope? Ah, "hope" that I might believe in? OK, so it was "change" to believe in. Well that "change" and "hope" never quite got to us, did it? Thanks loads there Barrack.
Well, that is about enough for this time.
Best to all of you. Keep working for real change folks. It is all we can do. If we each do our own small part to make this a better life, than some day it will happen. We CAN make this better. It won't be easy, but things that are worth it never do come easy.
semper fi.

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