20 November 2009

American show trial?

Well, it now seems that Khaled Shaikh Mohammed will get a jury trial in New York city.
Of course the right wing folks are up in arms about this. They cry about the extra needed security for the trial. They claim that the military commissions are "good enough" for this sort of thing. Actually, I think the right wingers believe that ANY sort of "trial" even the military commissions are too good for these people.
Well, to that attitude, I say crap! America used to be a nation of laws. We had rules, we had trial by a jury of peers. It is still there in the old Constitution.
Military commissions and military trials are for those who are in the military.
This "idea" of an "unlawful enemy combatant" is total bullshit. Nobody has ever, to my knowledge, ever defined just what IS an "unlawful enemy combatant". I have NO idea what such a person could be. It is just another fig newton from the idiot gang of W. Shrub. There has never been such a thing as an "unlawful enemy combatant". This "category" comes from the same legal "minds"(??) as the definition of what actually is torture. Yep, it came from the likes of Gonzales and Yoo. Two "lawyers" who are war criminals by international law. Thanks loads there guys.
Supposedly KSM has admitted that he is the master mind behind 9/11. I would like to know if he confessed before or after he was water boarded. The powers that be admitted that this guy was water boarded over 180 times in ONE month! That is at least 6 times a day. Holy shit. With that sort of treatment, your dear sainted grandmother would admit to being the "lone gun man" in Dallas or to being the sole killer of Christ. Will this information come out during his upcoming trial? I wonder.
Of course he has supposedly said he is guilty and welcomes the death penalty. Of course he does. That would make him a martyr to Islam. Well, don't give him the death penalty. Let him get life with no parole. That would be total hell for him. Rob this nut case of his "glory" as a martyr. That would be fitting punishment.
Actually no. I doubt that there IS a fitting punishment for such acts. Just like the child molesters, what would be a fitting punishment for such crimes? I am not sure.
Personally, I do not believe in the death penalty. To me it is just the state killing some one in my name. That is done daily in the current illegal wars. We have more than enough death as it is. Much of it state sponsored.
Another question arises here. Why are only KSm and four others getting a trial by jury in the United States? What about those still left at Gitmo? Some of them will still get there "justice" from the military commissions. Wrong move. ALL those we have prisoners in Gitmo and other CIA secret prisons deserve a jury trial in this country.
Terrorism is a crime. It should be dealt with as a crime. Use police actions to catch them. Give them a civilian jury trial. That is how America is supposed to operate.
This whole mess of "unlawful enemy combatants", military commissions, and the rest of the bullshit "war on terror" is just a way to side step the Constitution. ENOUGH! Put an end to that crap. We must restore the constitutional republic.
Although I fear it may be too late for that. I hope it is not too late.
semper fi

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