30 May 2007

Randon rants

Well, it has been some weeks since I last did anything on this blog. It isn't all that easy to come up with something worth being posted here. I suppose I could try a daily journal entry, but who would care? Hell, I wouldn't, and I write the crap on this blog.
No, trying to pick a topic for a blog is not as easy as it seemed once. You want to say something, but you want whatever you say to have some sort of meaning. Not just odd rants about the war or whatever happened on your trip to the gas station. To me, my blog entries ought to be worth more than just bullshit or rants against whatever has pissed me off on that particular day. So, for this old man, blog entries become less frequent. I would say that most days I either have little wroth saying, or just cannot quite figure how to say what I might want to say.
Not to worry, I will try to keep posting something here, just don't set your calendar by my posts, it may be quite some time between them. Remember folks, I was never a writer. I was a machinist and made things from metals, using a variety of machine tools. This business of writing is quite new to me.
I want to make some mention of Cindy Sheehan and her decision to quit the Democrats and all other activity, at least for a while.
First off, the donkey gang. I could have told her, before she became an activist that they would disappoint her. Contrary to popular belief, and the high school civics text books, we have but one party in America. Yes, it is the one old Justin Raimondo at Antiwar.com calls the war party. Oh, it has two wings to it, donkey and elephant. Just two sides of the same coin. Some choice you get there folks. You can have the donkey or the elephant. Neither is house broken. They both tramp through the flowers and shit in your yard.
The donkey gang recently gave in to the Shrub on the war funding. The removed any and all mention of timetables or other such things. Why? Well, Shrub didn't want those things in his war funding. So, the donkey gang, being the "fine upstanding" folks they are, caved in. Yes sir, nice to see some spine there in DC. Well, you have to look real hard for it, and either "party" is not the place to look. Nope, our politicians have no spine. Hell, mine has had to go through three major surgeries and is never going to be as good as it was before, but I still have more than any of those spineless, gutless, piss-poor examples of humanity than our "great" political "leaders" have.
The donkey gang is as much for war as the elephants are. They just do it a bit differently. They tend to put a "humanitarian" face on their wars. The elephants just do war for fun and profit, without the "window dressing" of the donkey gang. Less talk, more bullets, you could say.
Cindy, they never were going to end the war. Nor can any of them tell you that your son did not die for a lie. I wish like hell that I could offer you more comfort than that. But, then, I wish for the wars to stop also. Old warriors do not always wish to see newer, younger warriors go off to new wars. Ask a vet and see.
As to Ms. Sheehan quitting her activism, all one can say is that she has earned a rest. The woman has been going full speed for a long time. Anybody ever hear of burn-out? Sure you have, and I can imagine she must be totally burned out by now. Then add to that, her trials of being called all sorts of nasty things by the war-mongers, and now even by the donkey gang. What, the donkey gang is against her? Yes, because she dared to be critical of them. Aha! So, she "bit the hand" and all that. No, she spoke the truth. She also found out that neither side of the war party coin have any use for truth tellers. They bit, and bit hard.
I really do understand her burn out. That is one reason this blog has so few entries on it. I get burned out and have trouble coming up with topics that I feel are worth the time to post here. And I do not do any way near the amount that Ms. Sheehan has done. Hell, she did more in a week than I could do in nearly a year. OK,so I can use the excuse that I am disabled and all. Still, one does get burned out after a while. Even more so when so many people oppose you, as she found out. Hers was a public protest and we all should be thankful for her efforts. She wanted answers, but did not get them. Now, she has decided to step back and regroup. I say, good for her. Take some time off, figure out where you want to go next, then do it. According to the interview she gave today on Democracy Now, that is just what she is going to do. She did mention that she will not be working with either political party. Good for her again. It is not worth the horse shit to try to work with either of those two gangs.
Funny thing, she is not too happy with MoveOn.org either. Hell, I never did trust that group either. I replied to at least one commentator some months ago that in my opinion, MoveOn had best mover over as they were just blocking the road. MoveOn seems to be tied closely to the DLC, and that can never be a good thing.
Well, I guess I have done enough for now. Got to get back to reading more on how old dead eye Dick Cheney is itching for more war, with Iran this time. Seems he and his pals the neo-cons and certain folks in Israel want to bomb Iran before Shrub is out of office. We shall see.......
semper fi

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