23 April 2007

More random thoughts (?)

I want to pass along some good reading to you folks.
First off, regarding the shootings at Virginia Tech, check out the excellent commentary by Mr. Greg Perry at the Lew Rockwell web site. the url is;


In my humble opinion this is just about THE best commentary on this event.

Next up on the reading list is a book. Ms. Jennifer Van Bergen has given us a great little book regarding the "PATRIOT ACT" and the way America seems to be headed towards fascism. The book is "The Twilight of Democracy". In this she shows us in very plain language just how we are being screwed by this rotten law. Ms. Van Bergen supports the Constitution! My goodness me, what a concept! Well, no doubt our "esteemed"(?) Attorney General will tell us all, very soon, that the Constitution is a "quaint" and "out dated" piece of paper. Excuse me, but EVERY government official, such as Gonzales, Cheney,Shrub, and the rest took an oath to uphold that document. So did every person who ever served in the United States military.
Just one old (nearly 60) former Marine who went off to the Imperial War in Viet Nam (1970-71), but maybe it is time for a new American revolution. Maybe they even still have some tea over in Boston.
On to more current things. It sure looks like poor old Gonzo, aka Attorney General Gonzales, is about done for. Why even old Newt has come out against the poor little feller! And here we thought Newt only attacked Democrats. Ha,ha,ha. Wonder how Shrub took having the Newtster dis his old pal from Texas, Gonzo. Does this mean that Newt won't be getting a dinner invite from Mr. & Mrs Shrub any time soon? Poor Newt. Well he looks like he could stand to miss a few meals. The boy is looking more like Al,not my pal, Gore. In other words, they are FAT. OK, so sue me for being politically incorrect. Hell, there isn't much you would win. Yes, being on disability means the legal actions will net you less than zero.
Interesting how some of the elephant gang are pissing on old Senator Reid for saying what is so obvious, a blind man can see it. We have LOST the war in Iraq! Now according to my personal pocket sized copy of the Constitution, amendment number ONE, states that among other rights, we have the right to freedom of speech. I would venture to guess that this freedom of speech even applies to a US senator. But, then, when the Speaker of the House gets critical comments for a trip to a foreign country, maybe the Constitution does NOT apply to members of Congress. This is, after all Amerika in 2007, and Shrub still is president. Maybe it was in the fine print in that there "patriot" act.
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