31 May 2007

Just curious........

I was just thinking about doing more on this blog. I got to wondering, it is something I do a lot of. Being permanently disabled, you have nothing but time to read,think,play games. Not very much money to do some things, like drive around, just for the sake of riding with diesel at $2.80 at the lowest price in Alexandria last time I was in town.
Anyhow, the old mind got to pondering some rather obscure things. My old mind does lots of obscure wondering. That is not due to any disability, it just comes naturally to me.
One thing I am a bit curious about, does the Shrub and his immediate family invest in hedge funds? One wonders about this at odd times.
Also, when the Shrub, aka little Bush, gets looking a bit scruffy, do they call in one of those $400.00 per hair cut stylists or do they just get one of the illegal Mexican gardeners to give him a trim?
I don't know about the rest of you, but this old man is curious about these sorts of things.
Well, off to ponder more improbabilities. I'll be adding to this again soon.
semper fi

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