27 January 2010

state of the union

OK, I tried, I really tried to watch the entire speech. Honestly, I did on the net. To be totally honest, it is still going on in a different window.
What got me was one statement our fearful leader made. He said he didn't want America to be in second place. Well bud, as far as health care goes, America is not in second place. Nope, America is, wait for it.............#37. Yep, number 37. That means that 36 other countries have better health care than we do. And that is before this health care "reform" he is still pushing.
Now, our Congress critters have a gold plated health care plan. Give the same they get to ALL Americans. 
Can't afford it? Well, hell, just END the goddamn wars of choice we are stuck in. We spend over $190,000.00 each minute in Afghanistan alone! Holy crap people. How mush more of this horse shit will we take?
No, I do not have a solution. If I did, I'd either be very rich, or there would be a "contract" out on me. 
We all know that not one damn thing he talked about in this speech will see the light of day.
He says there should be less involvement of the lobbyists? Now that would be something. Unfortunately it will never happen.
ENOUGH!!!!! Enough of the bullshit and lies. Enough of all the goddamn wars.
I should apologize for my language, maybe. Damn these moron politicians can get a guy very pissed off.
They treat us like mushrooms, keep us in the dark and feed us bullshit.
Note to self; do NOT eat before listening to any political speech.
semper fi


Anonymous said...

Wow, you must be smoking that Republican weed! Hope it is good. Clearly nothing he does will be met with your approval. Just like your overlords in Congress - even something that you purport to support, like tax cuts, you can't even support.

Didn't you people do enough to ruin the country under Bush? If you hate America so much, Leave it!

Anonymous said...

My last comment was targeted to the Republicans that don't want to improve things. Charlie is right, our healthcare is a mess. But let's not buy into the notion that we cannot do better with a public option.

charlie ehlen said...

I have NO idea how you think I would ever be a member of the elephant gang.
I said end the goddamn war. Show me a elephant gang member who is for that, and NOT Ron Paul.

Nature Creek Farm said...

Keep ranting, Charlie!
I found your blog from Joe Bageant's post.
There are solutions: most Amurkins are too brainwashed to see them, though. You are right: there is no such thing as a "middle" class, really. There are those who have to work to eat and those who don't.
My healthcare solution: Draft all doctors into the military and give everyone a Navy doctor: you'll either be so bad off that you'll be grateful for the Morphine or you will do everything you can to avoid going to the doctor: including eating real food from real dirt.
As for wars: raise the age of enlistment to 45. They wouldn't have enough of those 'immortal' teenagers to fall for the hype.
Taxes: http://www.fairtax.org and double it.
That's pretty much it. I agree with J.B., though: the system isn't going to change through 'channels'. Perhaps we can just ignore it and let it die. Set a few leg traps for the feral politicians, though.