26 January 2010

Important new article

Hi again folks. 
Very unusual, a second post here in one day.
Please go to Tom Dispatch and read his latest article titled "Our Wars Are Killing Us". In my personal opinion, it is one of the most important articles in recent times. He explains quite clearly the obscene amounts of money going to just the Pentagon for our "defense". In reality, the monies are for war, not the defense of America.
Remember as you read his latest Tomgram that he is ONLY talking about the money going to the Pentagon. He does not include the funds that go the the Department of "Homeland" (that vile term again) Security, the Department of Energy ( they work on the nukes) nor the various Veteran Departments.
America spends an obscene amount of money for our "defense", yet we are no more secure than we were on 9/10.
We spend as much as the rest of the world combined! And we are in no way "safer" since 9/11.
Of course the "tea baggers" do not protest this. The elephant gang will never ask for any cuts in this funding, nor will the donkey gang. It is a scam folks. We are being ripped off to continue to fund endless wars for endless profits.
Time to tell the "security" outfits enough. They need to re-enter the real world of very tight budgets. They need to come back to reality.
semper fi


Anonymous said...

You're right, Charlie. This is indeed a very important assessment of the current mess we've gotten ourselves into as a "superpower." I have felt such despair in recent years over the fact that most Americans these days seem to be idealistic liberals with their heads buried in the sand or bully-boy conservatives, who have artfully been infiltrating every aspect of society and want to turn back the clock on every constructive social program in this county while launching one war after another. Then I found your blog! What sense you speak. You are a life- and soul-saver. It is wonderful to read someone who actually makes sense and isn't just spouting the tired old party line from one side or the other.

Mercury said...

Charlie: the above "anonymous" post is by me, "Mercury." I accidentally ticked the anonymous button instead. (There are a lot of Anonymouses on here.) I am emboldened by so much of what you write. You really are a true "voice of the citizen," neither elephant nor donkey, but a real human being!

charlie ehlen said...

OK, no problem. I should not have reacted like I did. I just could not figure how, after reading much of anything I ever wrote how I could be classified as a member of the elephant gang. Socialist? Maybe, almost, sort of, at times.
I have not voted for either side of the war/business party coin since 1980.
I voted for Carter as a favor to Dad. He died the Saturday after Reagan was elected that year. Always said that he killed Dad.
I apologize if I over reacted.
Yes, I try to be just a human being.
I have said here before that the donkey and elephant gangs, neither are house broken. They both tramp through the flower beds and crap in my yard.
I vote third party when they run a candidate. I try and vote for the person and not any party. Not that easy in Louisiana.
You have as much right to your opinions as I do.
Thanks for stopping by to read.

eb said...

Linked to your blog for the first time from Counterpunch, and I will be back regularly. I enjoy hearing common sense, a commodity in precious short supply these days no matter what side of the political aisle you're on.