06 December 2009

A Clarification

I guess I should try to make a clarification here.
The last few posts here have been a bit "hard" on a certain "group" of people. No, not politicians, THEY deserve all that I give them and more. I am talking here about xtians. What I mean by that term are the fakes, not REAL Christians in any way.
I do my best to respect the beliefs of all other people, within reason of course. I have no respect at all for those who "believe" that sex with children is OK. I have no respect for those who believe it is OK for them to beat their wives or children either. I DO think some kids need a spanking at times, but that is not a beating.
I also have no respect for hypocrites. Here is where the xtians come in. To me, these are the folks who preach about Christ, yet do not in any way, live what they preach. They are coming out of the woodwork at this time of year. That is what we get every year around late November and on into December in particular. You all know them. They are the ones who go around talking about "peace on earth" or even "goodwill to men", that gang. They sure do talk a good one don't they? Yet they do not put their words into practice. While they are off shouting "peace on earth" they are also praying for "victory" for our troops.
They must have never been to war, actually, they probably have never even been in the military. "Victory" implies death and destruction. How is that compatible with "peace on earth"?
Peace on earth, goodwill to men implies, actually means, just that peace. It does not mean "victory" or wars or killing or making other people homeless.
I detest the hypocrites and anything they "stand for". They are just liars. They "say" they worship the "prince of Peace" yet they pray to their god for a military victory. They are NOT Christians at all, they are xtians.
I use that term in much the same way some use xmas. There is NO Christ in either. As to xmas, that is totally commercial, you can be a total atheist and enjoy xmas, no "god" of any sort there. Just like the xtians, no Jesus, no "prince of Peace", no joy, just hypocrisy.
I do respect the real, true Christians and wish them well. Same with any other true believer. I respect their beliefs. I only ask that they not demand that I believe what they believe. If my non-belief means I will spend eternity in some "hell" or other, well, that is MY choice. Thank you for your concern, now, let me live my life as I choose. I try to live my life by doing no harm to others. I do not try to convince anyone to follow what I believe. I just would like the religious folks to show me that same respect.
I don't think that is too much to ask for. Mutual respect. Now, that is a concept that could actually lead to real world peace.
Happy holidays to all.


RealityZone said...

The zionist evangelical xtians are the ones that bother me the most. Endlessly running around promoting the rapture. Let it be their doomsday, not mine.
From womb to tomb, they have to be in every ones business. Yet the orphanages are full. I do not see too many of them adopting babies. Especially [crack babies].
Our cemetaries are full of dead soldiers from the wars that they keep promoting. Their agenda "crusade" lives on.

BillD said...

Charlie, I read your blog on a fairly regular basis (when you post). Don't agree with all you say but I enjoy the way you say it. Welcome home.