01 July 2008

ok, this shit is going to damn far now

OK, now I'm getting highly pissed off at the shit going on in Washington D.C. and TelAviv. The shit is getting pretty damn deep. And it is going to be us, the "average" Americans who will suffer for the bullshit that is going on in those cities.
What is the old fart (me) going off about now? Oh, nothing much, just the facts that Israel is "pushing" and pushing bloody damn hard to get US, as in America, to attack Iran for them.
They have said that if "we" don't do it, they will be "forced" to attack Iran on their own. Oh, the poor fucking little babies! Dear me, if we won't fight another of their goddamn asshole wars, they will be "forced" to do it themselves. Well. my reply is this, let them go right ahead and do it. BUT, once they do, and even before they start, WE (as in America) tell the whole world, that WE (as in America again) have nothing to do with this shit and further, that WE (yep, America again) have told them not to do this idiotic mission, which will be considered by the rest of the world, including America, to be a war crime, crime against peace, crime against humanity, and other violations of international laws.
If they then go ahead with this bullshit war against Iran, they will be on their own. America will NOT jump to defend the aggressors, Israel, if they attack Iran. No sir, not this time folks. Better yet, never again. America should NEVER defend any aggressor nation period. That Israel has gotten away with this shit before no longer matters. We have to demand that our "leaders" do not fall for any more bullshit propaganda from Israel. We have had enough of their shit and we refuse to be their proxy military force. They sucked us into Iraq for sure, now they want us to bomb the shit out of Iran.
Why do they want this? Well, they have nukes. Israel is the only country in the Middle East who has nuclear weapons. They are dead scared that Iran may get one some day. This would be unacceptable to the Israeli government as they would no longer be the sole possessor of those nasty weapons. They would not be the "top dog" in that region. They cannot accept that others might be even close to having a military capable of being even with theirs. This same bullshit attitude has infected the government of America. It is way past time to end this childish game of "king of the hill" and grow up and act like adults, stop playing in the little kiddies sand box.
According to some sources, the plan is to attack between the election in November and the inauguration in January. Why then? Well, it would "lock" America "having" to defend our "ally"(???) Israel. We would have to defend them from the Iranian retaliation. Why? Hell, if they attack Iran, why would we be obligated to back up the aggressors? Do we have a "mutual defense" agreement with Israel? I haven't seen one.
Another report mentioned that Israel has a much more powerful military than Iran has. This makes an attack on Iran a "good deal" for some "think tank" idiots. Also, the Israeli military IS more well supplied with modern equipment that Iran has. This is fact so far.
Another reason for an attack on Iran in the near future. The Iranians have on order a new, sophisticated air defense system from Russia. This system would make an air attack on Iran, by Israel or America, very costly to the attackers. See, "we" must attack Iran soon, before they have a decent defense system in place.
Now, to me, this all sounds like a school yard bully. Or, it sounds just like the sort of shit that W. Shrub would get behind fast. Same difference to me, W or a school yard bully. Yes sir, pick the weakest kid around you and slap the shit out of him. Why? Well, because you can. No real reason needed. After all, that weak kid might take karate lessons some day and be able to kick the shit out of the bully, so kick his ass now, before he can fight back.
No, this sort of goddamn bullshit, so typical of the right wing assholes in Israel and America must stop. And it must stop NOW. If we here in America let this happen again, there will be nothing left of OUR constitutional republic. We might as well just turn ourselves in at the nearest police station and get sent to the camps.
one short note to end this for now. I am NOT anti-Jewish in any way. I am not anti-Semitic either. That means, if you look it up in the old Oxford English Dictionary, that you dislike Jews AND Arabs! Yes sir, BOTH the Arabs and the Hebrews are Semitic peoples. Therefore, a true anti_semite would dislike BOTH Jews and Arabs. Just wanted you to know that for the next time you are critical of the Israeli government and some asshole calls you an anti-Semite for your comments.
Now, my closing note. If Israel keeps pushing us into their damned wars, there is a very good possibility of some serious anti-Jewish feelings being expressed here in America. It may not get as bad as, say, Nazi Germany, but it could get quite bad nonetheless. I just wonder if the folks at AIPAC or the ADL or other groups like them have even considered this possibility. Hell, if I can even think of it, there must be some folks who are much smarter than I am who have thought about it. Do they want to open that pandoras' box? I sure as hell would not. But then, who the hell am I? I'm just an old (60) former US Marine/Vietnam vet who is permanently disabled from a work injury. Yep, only have a community college degree to my "educational accomplishments".
Well, that is enough for today.
semper fi

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