31 May 2008

a death and other tings

Hi all. It has been longer than I wanted since the last entry here. Life has kept me a bit busy of late. Old pain hasn't been very helpful either, but that is my problem.

First off, I wish to mention the passing of the husband of one of the readers of this small "corner" of the Internet.
Dr. Charles Beattie died recently. He was a highly respected anesthesiologist.
He had been the chair of that department at Vanderbilt University even. You can view their tribute to him at the following link.
His family and friends and the medical community will surely miss this fine human being. Their loss is ours also.

Now to some "other" new news.
Old Mr. McClellan has a new book out. By now, I am sure most of you who stop by here every now and then know this already.
Well, now for my "take" on this matter so far. I have NOT read the book yet. I do NOT wish to part with my own meager income to "freshen" his bank account either. I may read it if the local library in Glenmora ever gets a copy of it.
Why should you or I help his bank balance? No reason at all as far as I see things. IS he really telling us anything that we don't already know from reading the truth from the Internet these last 7 + years? I doubt that much of what he has to say is really "new" to most of you folks.
My opinion, it is a "tell all" that won't quite tell that much. What he has to say has already been made known to serious readers of various Internet sites for years. WE knew that Shrubbie lied. WE knew that Cheney lied. WE knew that Condi lied. WE damn well knew that Rummy lied.
Why then would WE be "shocked" at any "new" revelations of lying by this criminal administration?
Well, MAYBE if you work for Faux Noise of Crap Nuts Network or some other "big media" outfit. Sure, they might be "shocked" by this book, but hell, they are liars also. No honor among thieves is how it seems to me.
Oh, the poor little feller. He is getting flack from "high sources" over his "revelations" in this book.
Well, sir, tough shit! You pays your money and you takes your chances. What did this little twerp expect? That he would be greeted as a "liberator"? Sure thing there Scott, just like our troops were in Iraq. Oh, wait, you say our troops were NOT greeted as "liberators". That they have been, and currently are viewed as "occupiers"? Well, well, well. How about that shit there Scott. Guess you aren't all that "liberated" either are you?
Be careful there Mr. McClellan, Cheney just might give you a more permanent "liberation" before he is done.
To me, this book is just another example of the rats departing a sinking ship. I won't be surprised if more of the neo-crazies are working hard right now on "their" versions of the facts seen through their odd coloring of events. Screw them also.
My suggestion, do NOT buy any of these type of books. Let the publishers have to deal with huge stacks of unsold copies of the screeds of these damn criminals. McClellan is as guilty as any other member of this most criminal administration ever. Let him do without for a change.
What have they done for our troops? Medical care for the wounded? Where? The "great" VA? You mean the "wonderful" center piece palace of Walter Reed? Right!
You mean those VA or GI "benefits" that Shrubbie keeps cutting? The "new" GI Bill that even McCrazy is against? Wow, Scott, you and your old bosses sure do "support the troops" now, don't you? Fucking goddamn asshole little shit. This disgusting criminal gang and their "associates" like McClellan make me want to puke all over the damn keyboard!
They are the most disgusting of the absolute bottom feeders we have had the displeasure to endure in many years. Hell, this goddamn bunch of assholes make Nixon and even Bubba Clinton look good! And that is something that is very hard to do.
No, let this little turd whine all he wants, just don't buy his book. Let him do without his "benefits" the same as they make our troops do without.
Fuck the entire goddamn criminal gang and their hangers-on in both houses of Congress.
Stop letting our "elected" representatives treat US like employees. THEY work for US. Read the Constitution if you don't agree. THEY are OUR representatives. NOT our bosses, and we had best stand up and tell them so, or we will soon have nothing left for ourselves. No constitutional republic, no economy, not even much of a country left if we fail.
Just the way this pissed off old Marine/Vietnam vet feels today.
semper fi

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