28 November 2007

The Return.........

Greetings folks.
I am trying to get this old blog of mine re-fired. It has been too long since my last entry and for that I have only myself to blame. Well, me and getting a house ready for sale. Damn hard work when you had been renting it to "family" who were supposed to be such great carpenters,electricians,plumbers, etc.
As the REAL electrician I had redo things to code told me, every carpenter thinks(!) he is an electrician. And Shrub thinks he is world decider. But that is another thought completely. More on that to follow.
Anyhow, that house got finished and SOLD! Whew! One less burden and two credit cards paid off. Got to be ready for the coming recession/depression.
Speaking of which, I have an old,rather tired definition of those terms for you. A recession is when your neighbor is out of work. A depression is when you are out of work. OK, so neither applies to me, disabled is NOT out of work. It is being unable to do real work for wages. That makes permanent disability a form of permanent depression. And don't tell me they have meds for that! Those meds have some very serious side effects.
I come back to this blog just in time to see the Shrub "convene" an Israeli-Palestinian "peace conference". Oh, sure, that will do the trick. Shrub and Ms. Rice will get a peace deal that no other US president has been able to get. It will be a permanent, lasting peace as well. OK, do NOT bet the farm on that. Hell don't even bet your neighbors' money on it, even if he IS working/employed. The loss of that cash would piss him/her off for sure. It would me, if it were my money. Oh boy, I tell you, this being broke, but with very few bills to pay is great.
One less bill now as well. I stopped the satellite TV hook up. I now get very good reception on one channel. It happens to be the local affiliate of the Nothing But Crap network, but they do have a very good weather forecaster on the news. Of course I can get his forecast on the net, so, the old TV might just be needing a new home soon. The old 'puter plays DVDs very nicely also, so that is one less "need" for a TV set. Yes, one more big box of furniture that I can do without.
Oh, you say, but how do I keep up with the news and world events? Why the Internet! That has been my main source of news and staying "current" for many years now. Damn nice thing, that Internet. You can get all sorts of news and views on the net. Much more choice than any TV deal. As Bruce Springsteen sang; "57 channels and nothing on". Describes the TV situation very nicely. And I mean even when the writers are NOT on strike. Any how, I prefer the radio/CD player/tape player. Music to sooth the soul. OK, so maybe classic rock isn't all that soothing to you, listen to your music, I'll listen to mine. There, that was easy. No harm, no foul.
Back to Annapolis, and the Shrub. This is another "deal" that even Monty Hall would not open the door on. It is a scam from the start. Bush has no plan. Rice has no clue. The Zionist gang running Israel do not want peace with the Palestinians. They do want the little bit of land that the Palestinians still occupy. Can you say, land grab? Of course you can. Can you see Bush/Rice putting any "real"pressure on Israel to abide by international law and human rights? Of course you can't. Neither can the Zionists nor the neo-cons, nor the majority of both houses of congress.
What you CAN see, is very much real pressure being put on the Palestinians to "give in" or, rather "make compromises" with the kindly Zionist regime in TelAviv. That gang now demands that the Palestinians recognize the "right" of Israel to exist as a Jewish state. Whoa now. NO country has the "right" to exist. Not Israel, not America, not Germany, not China, not Japan, NO country has the "right" to exist. Period. People have that right, NOT countries.
Also, this "right" of Israel to exist as a Jewish state means that ANY non Jew living in Israel would be a, at best, second class citizen. Of course that allows that such a person living there would be allowed ANY sort of "citizenship" at all. Can you say, ethnic cleansing? Of course you can. Too bad Shrub, Rice, and most of congress cannot see the facts for what they are. Even a large number of Israelis see this scam for the lie that it is. In fact, there are a large number of very religious Jews who see the present state of Israel as an affront to their god. Honest. Many fundamentalist Jews are very much anti-Zionist. They don't speak out much here in America about that. Why? Well, because here in "free speech" America, to be anti-Zionist is to get your self called an anti-Semite! Not many folks like being called that. I am NOT an anti-Semite. I AM an anti-Zionist. Big difference there. Semitic peoples are, not only,
Hebrews and Arabs. Zionism is a political philosophy. In fact, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, an anti-Semite would hate Jews AND Arabs, as BOTH are Semitic peoples! Try to get that through to Bill O or Rush the drug addict. Bet you get cut off ASAP for even thinking it on their "programs".
No, this "affair" in Annapolis is just for show. It is a photo op for Shrub. He is trying to build on his "legacy". Legacy? Like the two (count them) FAILED wars he started and cannot ever finish? That legacy? How about the financial mess from the sub-prime mortgage fallout? Another Shrub legacy! Do we count the "patriot"(?) act, and the Military Commissions Act, and the NSA spying on Americans IN America without ANY sort of warrant? And those are just the "little" parts of his "legacy" that I can think of right this moment without looking up any more of them. No, wait, the two(yes 2) directives that he signed, one a national security directive, the other a presidential directive, that allow him to declare martial law in the event of an emergency. What sort of an emergency, you ask. Well, nobody really knows for sure, since both of these directives define said emergency as being defined by............wait for it...........the "decider" himself. Yep, HE gets to decide(?) what constitutes an emergency in order to declare martial law, right here in old America. Ain't that one sweet deal? Well, it might be, for him any way. For us, well, he gets the mine, we get the shaft. How far can you bend forward? It won't hurt............much. Don't worry, it is just big brother checking for hemorrhoids.
One more thing I want to pass along. I have come across another outstanding blog. You might want to read this mans' work, check it out please. It is http://powerofnarrative.blogspot.com. Warning, he does NOT sugar coat anything.
Well, that is all for this edition. I'll try to do more entries more often. Even if nobody else reads this, I get some enjoyment out of putting my "thoughts" to computer screen. Until next time.
semper fi,

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