29 November 2007

Now don't you feel much safer with "Homeland Security"?

This was sent to me by a reader of this blog. Yes, he does exist. He also lives fairly close by to my house. He is the same person who alerted me to the KPLC TV station message board regards homeless vets.

He tells me that a mans house and FEMA trailer burnt to the ground. He states that there were adequate fire plugs available, but (always some big but in the way today), they fire plugs were LOCKED. Locked fire plugs? Yes, locked by order of the Department of Homeland Security.

Now, ask yourself the title question. Don't YOU feel safer, knowing that Homeland Security is locking fire plugs to prevent those H2O water stealing terrorists?

Yes, I know there is a severe water shortage in most of Georgia and parts of Florida and Alabama. Here in Louisiana, we do NOT have such a shortage. While we may be behind in total rainfall for the year, I haven't heard such information from the weather reports, we do NOT have a drought condition. If we were in a drought, the news would mention it and it would be a part of the weather report. It sure was back in 2000 when I believe we were in the third or fourth year of a drought, if my memory is correct. If not, let me know and I'll apologize on this blog. I am not always correct, but I WILL admit to any mistakes I do make.

Then, maybe the fire plugs were locked down by Homeland Security because of the drought conditions in Georgia, etc. Never know when those folks from Atlanta might sneak over here in the night with an extra long garden hose and take our water. Bless you DHS, you have saved our water. Now, it would be nice of you to at least allow the local fire departments to have a key for those locks in case of a fire. Or, is it DHS policy to allow our homes to burn to the ground? Hey, maybe if they do that often enough it will allow the newly homeless to occupy all those camps being built in our country. You know, the ones supposedly being built by some division or other of Haliburton. Ah, bless you "Mr. 5 deferments" Cheney and bless your corporation.

And if you think I really mean to bless "Dead eye" Dick and that rip-off company, well, I have this here bridge that I just might be willing to sell. Hey the price isn't all that high. Got Euros anyone?

semper fi,


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