02 April 2006

What is happening to America?

What is happening to our country? Are we all brain dead?
Bush has stated that he will send OUR troops to defend Israel(!). What for? They have the best trained and best equipped armed force in the entire Middle East! How many Americans are willing to have their young fight and die for some other country?
Well, it is coming folks. War with Iran. Bush wants it and he will most likely get it. He wanted war in Iraq, and by God, he got it! In spades. OK, it maybe hasn't turned out the way his "advisors(?)" told him it would. When have the "arm chair" warriors ever been right about any war?
This country is headed towards the most distresses time in our history and where is the media? Polls say that a large majority of Americans want our troops OUT of Iraq. A poll of the troops shows that a majority of them want OUT of Iraq, the sooner the better. How much coverage has this had in the "main stream" media? Faux News hasn't had much to say on this. Well, of course not, they are still the biggest "cheer leaders" for this damned war of choice. War seems to be good for the ratings of Faux News, so they won't "give peace a chance". War sells. War makes the idiot "news casters" on Faux sound so patriotic. How many of those people ever served in the military? Have any of them ever been in any war as combatants? I don't know of any of them who can answer yes. Those who cheer loudest for war, are usually those the furthest from the actual fighting. Man, if hot and and bullshit were weapons, Faux News would be worth something. Those blow hards could stop any enemy in their tracks, if bullshit were a real weapon.
America! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!
Turn off the "reality TV" and look at what is happening to our young people. They are being killed and maimed for nothing! Even those not in direct combat are being affected. PTSD will get them, just like it got everyone in Viet Nam. The scars of war are permanent! Do you really want your sons and daughters to kill and be killed for this bullshit?
We the people need to stand up and say ENOUGH!!!!!!!!

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