07 April 2006

Some special thanks in order for the day

I need to give some very special thank you(s ) to some folks.
First up, a very special Thank You! To Mr. Scott Horton. He has very kindly "plugged" this humble space on his excellent blog. You can read much of what he writes at www.Antiwar.com, but he also has an excellent blog site. Check out http://thestressblog.com. You will always get very good information and commentary over at Scott's site.
The next thank you goes to Professor Noam Chomsky. Heck, he rates a big Thank You just for being who he is and all the books and articles he has contributed to humanity. My reason for this thank you is his new book "Failed States". I just got my copy yesterday and so far, all one can say is, this is one very powerful, truthful book! Put this one on your Absolutely MUST Read list folks.
I thought Mr. Bovards' book, "Attention Deficit Democracy" was the book of the year. Now Mr. Chomsky comes out with a power house book that will certainly compete for that title on my list. This is an absolute MUST read. Using the "standards"(?) of the current criminal administration, Mr. Chomsky makes the case that America is either a "failed state" or is on the way to becoming one. And I have only got to page 38 so far!
Both Mr. Bovard and Professor Chomsky write the REAL truth. We the people of America NEED these truths. Read the books folks! You can get them at a fair price over at amazon.com. If you still believe in America, you will not be sorry for reading either book. Read them both. Hey, I am on permanent disability and I managed to buy both.
Mr. Horton, Mr. Bovard, Professor Chomsky, THANK YOU all!
charlie ehlen
Glenmora, LA

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