16 February 2013

Well.............it HAD to happen..........

Greetings to all,
Well, the wonder "brains" who occupy the five sided puzzle palace, that refers to the Pentagon for any who are new to this old corner, have finally gone and done it. Way back, like during the time when W. Shrub occupied the White House, some Air Farce general (and it IS farce, not force) was all upset and had complained that his beloved drone "piolts" (they are really operators/gamers) were NOT being recognized with ribbons, badges, and/or medals for their "bravery" (any who have been here recently know that I consider remote control killing {yes this means death by drone} to be absolutley cowardice) and he felt his "pilots" should get some sort of medal. Well, they will get one now. Yes, dearly almost departed SecDef (secretary of defense{actually secretary of war}) a certain Mr. Leon Panetta, has decided that now, these drone jockies will be able to be awarded the newest US military medal. No joke people, even the Stars and Stripes newspaper/web site which was in my Marine days "the" military paper carried the news. Yes, now the drone jockies can be awarded the Distinguished Warfare Medal.

No, this is NOT a joke. As if this alone was not enough, the new medal will rank just above(!!!) the Bronze Star. Yes, apparently the days of bravery under hostile fire is now, what shalle we say, quaint? Or maybe just "old fashioned"? Any way one slices this, it does cheapen the old Bronze Star which used to be awarded for bravery under hostile fire. As in your (the person who is awarded the medal) actually being in grave, mortal danger of being actually, as in for real, killed. Even currently serving US military troops who see some merit in giving medals to the drone jocks, fail to understand why this new medal is ranked above the old one which was only given to those who faced, in person, real possible life ending activity.

OK, I maybe could see the gamers, um, I mean (do I?) the drone "pilots" being given some sort of medal. Yeah, sure, I mean this IS the US of A where "every kid is a winner" so why not let these people have a medal or three? The thing is, how in holy hell can they be given any sort of commendation for "bravery"?? Anybody got an answer for that one? Seriously, does anybody have even a damn clue as to how "piloting" a remote control aircraft from an air conditioned office in some secure base in, oh say, Nevada any way an act of bravery? If anybody has even the most remote idea, let me in on it. I honestly do not have even the smallest clue to this idiocy.

I suppose as the use of drones has cheapened human life even beyond what modern war has already done rates an award that cheapens real bravey. Hell, that may be the real reason for ranking this new medal to the status it seems to have. If the lives of all who are in the war zone are cheap, then the awards for killing them may as well be equally cheap, or maybe even cheaper yet.
On a slightly different note, same topic. Some had said the new medal might have the form of a gold plated X-box control pad.

Hey, maybe when old Ratzi stops being pope on the 28th of this month, he can become a drone "pilot" and even get his own medal for his "bravery".
Yes, I am "picking" on him and his RCC again. Why? Well, because I read one site that mentioned there are some 1.3 Billion members of that gang. That makes the pope a rather powerful person doesn't it? The leader of 1.3 Billion. Wow, that is like the top guy in China, the mainland, not Tiawan. It is like being THE top guy for Islam, which also has something over 1 Billion followers/members, however the Muslims are NOT totally united. Yes, they have two main sects or groups, Sunni and Shia. I don't think the RCC is in any way divided, at least not the way the Muslims are. Being the leader of such a large gang, I hold that the pope should be held to the highest of human standards. His non response to the child abuse by priests of his gang is criminal in my opinion. He ran the office of the vatican that used to run the Inquisition, yeah, very powerful job he had before becoming pope. That means he had to have known a great deal about the abuse scandal(s). Toss in the RCC run laundries in Ireland that abused the poor women who toiled in them and, well, you can see where this is going.
Any who, that is why I am "dumping" on poor old pope Bennie. In my opinion, he EARNED it all and more. And for the record, I quit going to any church back when I was in 7th grade due to my askling the "wrong sort" of questions. Dad knew if I was excommunicated, I would wear that as a badge of honor, so he told me I no longer needed to go to church. And, it was a protestant church. I was never a member in any way, of the RCC, nor would I ever become one ever. Of course I have no intent of ever joining any religion so that is basically a mute point anyway. I will no doubt, keep ragging on old Ratzi in the future, just maybe not too often, depending on how his retirement goes. Speculation on one web site I read every day is that he either 1) read the God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, or 2) finally finished reading the bible cover to cover and asked himself just what the hell? My bet is on number 2 for now as I always had thought that Revalations was a very bad acid trip.
OK, I have upset more than enough apple carts for today.
Thank you all for your time.
semper fi


john francis lee said...

Justin Raimondo has a picture, Charlie.


It's worse than 'unbrave' to whack mothers and children in mudhuts with billion dollar systems, Charlie, it's criminal.

And worse than criminal it's shameful.

If they put these guys in the pen the other cons would beat the piss out of 'em for killin' little kids.

What's it say about the US armed forces that they're giving out medals for killing children?

Mike Whitney said...

Hi Charlie,

Good to see you blogging again. we missed you, at least I did.

Charlie, I think you speak for alot of us heathens and parttime commies when you say:

"I care about all life on this planet .... I care because it is the human thing to do and requires NO religion at all. ... every single one of them deserves to be allowed to live their own lives on their terms.... They should be allowed to live a peaceful life and if they wish, get married and raise a family, their choice. They should be able to obtain employment that pays a decent wage not making weapons. They should not have to live in fear for their lives and the lives of their families"

Well said. That's about as close as I'll ever get to religion...although my brother is a Catholic priest!

As for the Ratman...good riddance. Any man who wears red silk Farragamo slippers is not my kinda guy anyway.

charlie ehlen said...

Yes, I saw that medal at "Antiwar.com". It is the "real" medal though. I wanted to refind, is that a word?, the "gold plated X-box version. I'll keep looking for it.
Remote control killing is not "just" criminal, it IS a very cowardly act. And any who dislike me saying so can take it up with me when we meet in person, but, be aware that I know how to and WILL defend myself. Also, FYI, the Marines taught me to fight, to win. Take that what ever way you wish. Basically, even at my age and with my physical disability, I will not be a push over.And, if one did confront me in person and threaten me or my wife, I will not accept any cries about me "not fighting 'fair'" either, WTF is meant by a "fair fight" anywho?
I just "had" to add these last comments. It is either the Marine training, or maybe just my nature, or some combinbation.
I do not ever try to intimidate anybody, but will defend those I care about.
This is directed at those who may think it might be "cool" to harm me physically and not at any who have ever commented here. More of my personal info coming out.

charlie ehlen said...

Many thnks for your comments. I promise I will finish the articles you posted at Counterpunch soon. Honest. We have had a very busy/hectic week so far and now finally have a day or so "off", I hope.
Thank you very much, although I would never presume to speak for any except myself. I DO think if more felt the same, or close to that, this world just might be a bit nicer for all.
Why can't ALL people be allowed to live their own lives? As long as they do no harm to other living beings, who needs to care? What two or more even, consenting adults do in private is none of my concern. Just be safe is all I maight add, beyond that, nobody has any "right" to know or interfer (I mis-spelled that I know, sorry).
Oh, I'd not want to be your brother then Mike. What a mess he could be in. Example, suppose he knows of a fellow priest who IS abusing kids; what does he do? Yeah, I could never be a part of any gang where the reputation of said gang is more important than the well being of those who follow them. What a moral quandry (if that is the correct term) an honest priest must be in. Does he protect his "flock" or does he protect the "rep" of the RCC? Either way, there WILL be serious fallout/blowback. Maybe it gets down to which he is most afraid of, although that is NOT the best way to decide what to do. Yes, every decent priest has a moral oblgiation to report the crime to the authorities, but, just suppose your brother learns of said abuse when he takes the confession of the abusive priest. Confession being held to such an untouchable degree by the RCC. While I do feel some compassion for said priest who hears this confession, I still think he must report this to the cops. Childrens' absolute right to a decent life far outweighs, in my opinion, any possible "hit" to the church. See why I self describe as a heathen now folks? Yeah.
No doubt Ratzi is already beginning to miss the finery he has become used to. He can still wear the robes though, just not the really fancy ones I suppose. Yeah, the red shoes, bet it is damn hard to give them up.......LOL. Sorry, I really DID laugh as that was typed, can't stop myself some times. May have to think about some day working on that............maybe. and yes was seriously ON.
Maybe in my "next" life I'll work on that, maybe.

john francis lee said...

' I could never be a part of any gang where the reputation of said gang is more important than the well being of those who follow them. What a moral quandry (if that is the correct term) an honest priest/cop/soldier/senator must be in. Does he protect his "flock" or does he protect the "rep" of the RCC/force/service/senate? Either way, there WILL be serious fallout/blowback. Maybe it gets down to which he is most afraid of, although that is NOT the best way to decide what to do.'

For cop see Frank Serpico.

For soldier see Bradley Manning, or Hugh Thompson, Jr..

For senator see Mike Gravel.

There's nothing more dangerous than being an honest man in a gang that's been corrupted.

I googled 'Whistle blowing priest' but the stories I found seemed less than edifying.

You might check out Hans K√ľng if you're interested in what happens to whistle-blowing catholic theologians. He's so straight - I almost said like H D Thoreau, but of course Emerson sprang Thoreau - that he takes the rap and continues to walk the walk.

It's not impossible that good men are Catholic priests.

And Tanya Reinhart was an Israeli.

charlie ehlen said...

Thank you for that list. One could call them heroic even. They sure showed courage.
I totally agree that about good men being catholic priests. In fact I will state that there ARE such men in that position. That they may find themselves in a rather tight position at some time is the trouble. It no doubt gives some who would like to be a priest some serious pause before they pick that as their life work.

Earlier you mentioned the latest article by Rev. Alberts at Counterpunch. He is a minister/priest who has my respect. He has always inpressed me as a very honest, decent human being in his articles.

john francis lee said...

I saw a link to Most Terrorist Plots in the US Aren't Invented by Al Qaeda - They're Manufactured by the FBI, Charlie. There's just the story on one poor guy in the article but it details the bigger picture : an organization optimized to meet needs defined in terms of what it's equipped to accomplish.

Which is the story of all our out of control organizations at this point, from coal companies that destroy whole mountain ranges to oil companies the tear up the tundra to gas companies that mix the aquifers our drinking water comes from with gas from shale and copious amounts of toxic, 'proprietary' chemicals ... to a Wehrmacht equipped to make war, the only question is where, this week.

The FBI needs a few good men who'll blow the whistle, or light the lamp as Frank Serpico likes to say.

john francis lee said...

... to private prisons rooting for the number of prisoners to expand, Profiting From Human Misery. Ka ching, Ka ching.

Corporate depravity. I really am in favor af a corporate death penalty, Charlie.

It'd be like a neutron bomb in reverse ... all the people would be left alive, just their shackles and chains would be vaporized in the blast.

charlie ehlen said...

Just yessterday I read one article about a recent FBI "terror plot" that we were "saved" from. They had their operative set up a mentally ill (his mental illnes was well documented) and gave him at least one inert bomb(is it really a bomb if inert?) and then "caught" him before he could blow up a Bank of America branch as part of his "holy war"/jihad(spelling?).
Oh joy, don't we all feel so much safer now? The FBI is on the job for us. It reminds me of an old movie "Hopscotch" was the title, I may have mispelled it,as usual. The main character is a former CIA guy, he is being chased by CIA and FBI as he wrote a book and gave away the secrets. In one scene another CIA man who is part of the chase team says of the FBI; and this is from memory; "FBI, fucking ballbusting idiots" Seems to be quite close to true here.
How does one read of the FBI catching those THEY set up in the first place and NOT become very cynical/sarcastic? Not that I want to change how I am, just curious. And no, being brain dead is NOT a valid answer to my question. I have to keep on my toes as you folks are very sharp.Yes, this is a compliment to all who comment here, you all are very sharp, smart, and most welcome.Thanks to all.