15 May 2012

A very good history lesson

Greetings once again to all.
I have a great history lesson I want to share with all today. This is a n article by Mr. Gabriel Kolko at the Counterpunch web site dated 14 May 2012. Here is the link;http://www.counterpunch.org/2012/05/14/why-america-is-doomed-to-one-disaster-after-another/. Mr. Kolko, a very good historian, shows how recent developments (like this past weekend) are going to have a possibly great negative effect for not just the US, but the rest of the world as well.

He points out the failure of the US military to actually "win" a war since 1945. Yes, we all know this to be true, Mr. kolko just restates the fact and adds some insight into the why. The US military planned for a war with the Soviets to be fought mainly in Europe. What we did instead was to fight in Asia,that is to say Korea, Vietnam, and now Afghanistan and Iraq. We have not fought a standing army since 1945 with the exception of the Chinese during the Korean war in the later stages of that war. We have been fighting the "home team" in our wars, as happened in Vietnam and now Iraq, Afghanistan and the other wars "we" are fighting today. The weapons and weapon systems the US military has are not designed for counter insurgency wars. Again, the US military has planned and bought weapons to fight large standing armies such as Russia and China. 

Mr. Kolko also tells us what we know, that a war with China would be beyond stupid. In fact, it could mean the end of human civilization as the Chinese have nuclear weapons. A war with China might lead to the use of nuclear weapons if one side or the other thought it was not going to "win". Nuclear war would be the end of us all, as even the folks at the five sided puzzle palace know and have known for decades. 

America cannot maintain its world wide empire. We are so deep in debt, yet what passes for our leadership continue to act as if the US were going to remain THE dominate force for the foreseeable future. How in hell can "we" pay for such stupidity? Where will the money come from? Even if the clowns in D.C. cut ALL social spending to the absolute bare bones, or even if they were to eliminate ALL social spending, we could not afford the empire. Who would "loan" us the money to fight a war with China? Wall Street cannot find that much money even with their derivatives scams and other "off the books" cooking. Again,it would be national suicide to go to war with China, as sooner or later, somebody would use the nukes and that would be the end.

The people are getting very restless, and not just here in the US. In Germany, Ms. Merkel's party lost the election recently in the largest (by population) state in Germany. Look at France, say "good night" Mr. Sarkozy. Greece is close to an all out revolt over the "austerity" measures that have been "prescribed" by the European Central Bank and the German financial masters. Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Ireland are close to open revolt as well. Will this unrest spread to the US? Maybe if the Occupy movement gets rolling, who knows what the future will bring us. 

In my opinion, this is way past time. I personally think that the working class and the poor have had to bear the brunt of all the tax increases and empire for far too long. I would hope that the working people in the US would finally get past the falls "differences" they think(?) they have. Actually, the working class should be in solidarity with each other as the supposed "differences" they have been taught that they have are totally artificial, manufactured to keep the working class divided. Yes sir, keep the rubes separated, all the better to rule over them. As Howard Zinn has stated, he even used this as the title of a book he wrote that I am currently reading, if the working class ever put aside their supposed "differences" we would have "A power that governments cannot suppress". There you have it folks, toss off the bull shit, made up from whole cloth "differences" and we CAN become a real power that government would have to pay attention to. We have it in our own power to be the force that we should be. Imagine, if we were to finally get rid of the false, manufactured "differences" we have been taught that we have,  no government could ignore our needs and desires. As the song by John Lennon says; "Imagine". Yes, imagine how nice life could be. National health? No problem, ALL people would have access to decent, affordable health care. A good education and decent prospects for a decent wage job? Again, no problem. Add to the jobs deal, those jobs would be making products that would be useful to ALL people. We already have more than enough weapons to defend the country with, we do not need more and more "new" weapons and weapon systems. 

Here is another "radical" idea. How about we eliminate our standing Army. Keep the Coast Guard, they do preform a vital need for ships and sailors on waterways that are vital for trade and recreation. Instead of standing armies, we would have a "well regulated militia", as in the National Guard. We could do like Switzerland, all men from age 18 to 65 would be issued a rifle and ammunition. Once a month, they would meet to practice their readiness to respond to emergencies and show their proficiency with their rifles. 

America must give up the foolish idea of empire. We cannot afford it. The world is way too large for any country to rule over. 

So many in this country claim that America is a Christian nation. Well, if so, then how about we act as one? How about as a nation we start to treat ALL as we wish to be treated? Any takers for that idea? How about it Christians? Does that sound like a good idea? Is it something the churches might get behind? If not, WHY not? After all, that is what your Christ told his disciples to do. The famous; "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". Why can't we do that as a country? It should be quite easy in my opinion. Toss out the false bull crap of "American exceptionalism". It was and always will be, a total lie. NO country is "indispensable". Never was such a country, never will be one. It is just another lie we have been taught, just like those false "differences" we supposedly have. It is time, long past time actually, for all of us to throw that old garbage in the trash and start acting like decent adult human beings.  Stop allowing the politicians and "celebrities" of the various media from keeping us divided. The next time some clown tells you that you or your group are "special" or "better than" another group, call them out for the bull shit they peddle. ENOUGH! Enough of the damn fool wars of choice. Enough of all the manufactured divisions that keep us so divided. Time to grow up folks, put aside the childish notions of our "differences" and act like adults. 

semper fi


Anonymous said...

Hi Charlie

Just a quick note to say that I think what you do here at the 'corner' is worth the attention of all.

I'm out here and letting you know your words are very much appreciated.

Please keep up the good work.


Rev. Peter John Silvia

charlie ehlen said...

Thank you for the kind words. All comments are greatly appreciated by me.

RealityZone said...

The business of America is business.
It just so happens that war is their main franchise.
Take the profit out of war, and you take war out of the equation.
We spend and waste more time, energy, and money on killing people than we do on saving/healing people.
Cut medi-care so we can give more to the War Department.
Deploy a soldier for his sixth time even though he is no longer mentally able.
Win or lose, how many days after the election will O declare/admit that we are at war in Yemen?

charlie ehlen said...

I agree 100% with you. If we could get the profits out of war, wars would end.
All that money so "we" can destroy, and less than pennies for health care or education. Shame on us for that.
Yes, I also wonder when Gobomber will tell us that "we" are at war in Yemen. Not until after the election for sure.

gesneri said...

You're right, Charlie--many Christians I run across these days seem very un-Christlike.

david g said...

Terrific article, Charlie! If we could clone you, we'd lick the U.S. into shape in a matter of weeks.

We are at a very critical time in world history. The whole financial system could go down at any time. It's being held up by lies and false promises.

But the peasants are starting to pay attention. This may result in action against our masters, the Oligarchs. They have to be toppled!

They are scum.

charlie ehlen said...

First, sorry for being slow to reply to your comment.
Yes, I find it odd how so many supposed "Christians" are so un-Christian like. Hypocrisy? Or, do they just not think much? Maybe a bit of both. I try to be polite, but sometimes that becomes near impossible. I have near zero tolerance for stupid.

charlie ehlen said...

Many thanks for your kind words sir.
Clone me? Oh noes, be careful what you wish for. Seriously David, I have my faults and I would not wish many more of me on this poor world. If you mean we need more who try and reason, think, and question, then yes, I'll agree we need more of that sort of human. I just am wary of me being in power. I never have wanted to be any sort of boss. I even tried to refuse a promotion before my active duty in the Marines was over. The regimental Colonel told me that I was going to be promoted and I'd best get used to that fact. In short, he "pulled rank" on me and over my objections, I was promoted. Hey, the military works in strange ways, not so much un-like as they tell me god does.
Yes, that IS a "dig" at religion. I'm feeling "feisty" today.........LOL.
best to all.

Sierra said...

No country is indespensible - especially - when the leaders are International and dual citizens of a Country they owe their primary allegiance to and it is not America! Not only do we have an Empire, but we have an elite ruling class that keeps us separated to suit their own purposes. We need to create new jobs in this Country. So many jobs have left these shores for third world nations that we have transferred our financial wealth to (China). So, let's start fresh. Create new jobs have universal health care. Not minimum standard care for producers and consumers ala United Nation standard. Forget it if you don't produce and only consume. Our ruling elite have an ideal world for themselves in mind and they are dead serious. It will take a mass consciousness, a movement of unity that will break us out and real jobs now. Not just prisons and war.

Thanks for hearing my rant, Charlie. I hope all is well with you. I always enjoy visiting the Corner. Sorry about name and IP change it is a sign of the times is all I can say. Cheers!

charlie ehlen said...

No problem with any needed changes you had to make. You still manage to get here and comment so, no worries.
I agree that no country is so important as the "leadership" of the US seems to hold itself as. How arrogant. Sick actually.
Jobs and universal health care would be a great start. The US is the only industrialized nation without some form of national health care. World wide, the US is ranked 37th. Yeah, take that crap of "use use" and stuff it. Number 37 in health care compared with the world. Wow. Go cheer about that tea party clowns.