22 November 2011

Books must be very dangerous

In Amerikkka, books are very dangerous things. Why do I say this? Consider that when the New York police raided the OWS folks at Zuccotti Park last week they threw ALL the books from the temporary library into a dumpster. Most of the books were damaged beyond repair. Why did the police toss those books into the trash bins? Well, to me it is obvious. Books are dangerous. Books contain ideas. Ideas can be very, very dangerous. In particular, ideas that say that we are all human beings, we ALL have the same basic needs, that ALL humans have the same basic desires. Yes, those ARE very dangerous ideas folks. ALL human beings need food, clothing, and shelter. ALL human beings want to be able to provide a decent standard of living to their families, they all want their children to have at least as good a life as they have, hopefully a better life than they have. In the Amerikkka of today, we are facing the very real prospect that our children will NOT have a better life than we have. They may not even have as good a life as we have or have had. For the first time since the Great Depression, Amerikkka faces the very real prospect that the next generation will have less than their parents.
This truth is a very dangerous thing. Those at the top do not want this to be widely known. They want to suppress this fact as they want the masses to continue to believe in the fairy tale that "things will get better, trust us". They continue to try and push the "American dream". That dream has turned into a very real nightmare for many people. The bad loans, liar loans, and the foreclosures have turned the "dream" on its head. 
The top 1% continue to prosper while the 99% try their best to "make due" with the crumbs. The "saint" Ronnie of Raygun trickle down at work here folks. Big time.
The old "rich get richer while the poor get poorer" is no longer just a saying, it is reality. Another idea that is very dangerous as it becomes fact. Those at the top of this heap don't want the masses to know this. Too bad, the truth IS out and the people are angry.
OWS has started something and it will not just go quietly away. 
The "media" has tried to brush the OWS aside by claiming that they have "made no demands". True, but consider a reply by some in the OWS movement to that statement; "Terrorists make demands. OWS are NOT terrorists". Try that on for size "media".
The powers that be may silence some of the people, but they can never kill an idea.  
Keep reading people. Keep the protest alive. We, the 99%, have the numbers.
semper fi


Grace said...

Right on, Charlie! The msmedia does not tell the true story. People are living the true story. Hard to keep that down.

Mike Whitney said...

Hi Charlie,

Great post, as always.

You've probably seen this already--but if you haven't--give it a look.

I'm glad that OWS is finally catching on to Washington's biggest genocidal blowhard. Mr. Obama looks a bit ruffled in this clip, doesn't he? And, that's good, too.

He'll have plenty of time to review his campaign strategy after he's booted from office in 2012.

Bye, bye, Barry. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

RealityZone said...

The only thing that the 1% fear is exposure.
America has been living a lie for decades.
Now it is time to pay the piper.
If nothing else happens.
OWS has already succeeded.

JFK would be standing up for the 99%.
He tried, and the rest is history.

The machine must not be fed.
It must be starved into oblivion.

The Govt. Corps. MSM, MIC, Banksters are all in bed.
It is time to throw that mattress out the door.

If total collapse is the only alternative, then let the collapse begin.

David G said...

Hey, Charlie, great to see you still giving them heaps! The point you raise about books is a good one. Books always frighten the evildoers!

Hope all goes well with you. I'm still pushing along tilting at windmills. When I fall off the horse, I get back on again! :)

Seems that the U.S. has finally invaded my country. What a bummer! Most Australians are too dumb to see how dangerous America is.


charlie ehlen said...

Thanks to all for the comments.
As you know, burning books is how many tyrrants started. Books contain ideas, and ideas are dangerous. Keep on reading my friends.

gesneri said...

Farenheit 451 here we come. Remember when Guy found out that firemen used to put out fires, not burn books?

Another good rant, Charlie!

gesneri said...

Oops, be nice if I'd spelled Fahrenheit correctly.

charlie ehlen said...

Thank you for reminding me of that story. Yes, the firemen started fires.......to burn books. Books, which contain ideas are dangerous. Solution, read more books!
Yes, I AM getting very radical in my old age. The older I get, the less I am concerned about how others view me and my opinions. Nobody has to agree with me. We all have the right to hold our own opinions, even if we are proved to be wrong. I admit that there is much that I do not know, but I am willing to learn.

Roger Wagner said...

Way to go Charlie, Maybe we can make enough noise so the 1% will start to take notice.
Here in Wisconsin we have a recall Walker petition going on. It's causing quite a stir.
Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

Grace said...

You reminded me that even on my meager budget, I manage to buy a book every pay period. There are some legendary books full of information these days! My recent buy: The New Babylon: Those Who Reign Supreme. A Panoramic Overview of the Historical, Religious and Economic Origins of The New World Order! Then they came and arrested me and detained me and drugged me for eight days! (True Story!)