01 September 2011

Another day, another rant

Greetings good people.
Well, here I go again. Another rant.
It now looks like old Gaddafi-Duck is out of power.  The "rebels" have entered Tripoli and seem to be running things there. While I have been critical of the man many times and called him Gaddafi-Duck more than a few times, he actually did much good for the people of Libya. They had, and I emphasis HAD, free health care and free education, up to and including college if I am not mistaken. Hey, I'd sure like a true national health care deal here in the US of A. I would bet that a vast majority of Americans would also. True, the big health "insurance" gangsters don't ever want such a thing, nor do the very rich and their pals the Wall Street banksters and the other "too big to fail" gangsters.

Now one is just waiting to see how soon the Libyan oil company gets sold off to the Western oil gang. No doubt Exxon-Mobil, Total, and the rest are chomping at the bit to get "their" share of the oil reserves under the sand of Libya. It is the people of Libya who will suffer big time now. Just as they have and still are suffering in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia where the US and/or NATO are bombing them all the way to "democracy". It is always the people, the working class and the poor folks who get the dirty end of the stick when capitalism comes to their countries. Just look at us here in America for the best example of this truth. Anybody seen and good paying, high skill jobs available lately?
Yes, those jobs have been "off shored", unless one is employed by some "defense" contractor or sub-contractor. Even many IT jobs have been "off shored" and THAT was supposed to be THE new, "hot" area that those of us who were mechanics, machinists, welders, etc were supposed to go into now that America was "post industrial".  Yeah, sure we are. LOLMAO.
And yet, private "schools" like ITT Tech continue to advertise on TV for their "schools" as a way to a "better" future. Yep, one filled with student loan debt no doubt. Oh, and with a "degree" that may or not be recognized by industry. Only in America.

Some of you may not like what I am about to say here. I no longer read Professor Juan Cole. I have deleted his blog from my computer and no longer visit his web site. Actually, I started this back in March after he came out so very strong FOR this damn fool non-war in Libya. He is STILL in favor of this idiotic war of choice. And he is supposedly a "leftist"? Oh, yeah, this is a "humanitarian" war, I mean "kinetic military action" in Libya. See, it really isn't war at all. Bullshit! When people are being bomber and have to watch the sky for cruise missiles and drone aircraft it sure as hell IS war goddamn it all!  Professor Cole just shows how immoral the "left" in America has become. Makes me even more happy that I refuse to belong to either wing of the damn war party. I will never again belong to either the elephant nor the donkey gang. I did, for a very short time back in 1980, register as a "democrat". That was mainly because of Dad. He had retired two years before and he got very political and would not allow the name of "saint" Ronnie of Raygun to be spoken in his house. Dad had not liked old Ronnie when he was the governor of California. Dad despised Ronnie. So, that year I did register for the donkey gang and did what little I could to help re-elect old Jimmy Peanuts. Didn't do enough as it turned out.  And that was back in a time when the unions, Dad was a member of Operating Engineers Local 12, still had some real power.  I'll just close this line by saying that Professor Cole has shown me how far down the rat hole the "left" in America has gone. Damn near off the bloody raisin my view. We really, and I mean REALLY need a viable third party. A party that actually represents the working class and the poor. It should be obvious to a blind person by now that the Democrats no longer do so. That whirring sound you heard is FDR spinning in his grave.

Most of you will have read or heard the unreal amount of pure, unadulterated, absolute STUPID that has come from the likes of Ms. Bachmann and Mr. Perry by now. Ms. Bachmann had some real "gems" to say about hurricane Irene and you folks on the East coast. Holy crap Batwoman! And this gal thinks she should be our president? If there IS a god, I hope we will not get that punishment.  She said that "god was trying to tell us to get spending in order" by way of the earthquake and hurricane on the eastern part of the US! Man, I thought I had heard everything. Well, it just proves what I have said for many years now. Just when I think I have seen/heard the absolute worst of stupid there could possibly be, somebody comes along and goes it one "better". She is starting to make fail' Palin look half way smart. Now THAT is very frightening.
Old Mr. Perry isn't very far behind her in the crazy either. I read where he has even denounced his own book that came out recently. Something about the book being just "campaign strategy" or some such BS. Oh sure, pay NO attention to what I said last week, or even yesterday. What I say NOW is what counts. The really sad thing is that many of the "tea party" types will go along with this crap. That shows how poor a job of educating our school system does now days. Like not at all. School should be where you learn critical thinking. I don't know much about the school systems in other states, but here in Louisiana, it seems to me that the teachers teach the state test and not much more. I think they still call it the "LEAP" test. Anyway, they basically teach the test as that is how the individual schools and even the individual teachers are graded by the state department of education. It would be fine if all we wanted were some mindless robots. Well, with so few high skilled jobs around here, I suppose they have no need to teach much else than that test. Sad though, as the country will be worse for this damn fool way of "schooling". I suppose as the Wall Street banksters and the "too big to fail" gangsters push the country ever closer to third world status there really is no need for highly educated citizens. Keep the fat, dumb, and lazy. All the better to rule over them then.

The whole world seems to be headed on a downhill run, with the US leading the way. The rich get ever richer, the damn fool wars of choice continue and new wars seem to just pop up every so often. Meanwhile the working class gets screwed, big time. Mr. Cantor is on record as saying that ANY Federal monies for earthquake/hurricane relief/repairs will have to be offset with budget cuts from other programs. Hell, even FEMA now can only get funding if some other government program gets cuts. This is no way to run a country folks. These damn idiotic "tea party" elephant gang congress critters are running our country into the toilet and are about to flush. And yet, they keep trying g to tell me that this is a "Christian" nation. What a load of bullshit! I have read the Bible and Christ did NOT say screw the poor. What we ARE is a very fundamental Xtian nation. A nation of false religion that only pretends to be  decent and caring. Horse manure! The only people that "our" congress critters care about are the very rich and those who make huge donations to their campaign coffers. The rest of us can go hang ourselves, which no doubt will soon be proposed by some jackass on the very far right wing of the damn war party.  I am very worried about America. Every time I look around it seems that things are just getting steadily worse. There are no high skilled jobs, the jobs that are available are low paying jobs and there is usually about 15 people applying for each open position. The economy, or what passes itself off to us as the economy is still very deep in a recession if not a full on depression and no end in sight.  The wonky wing of the war party is set to sell out the entire social system that took our parents and grandparents decades to build up. The future looks very bleak to me and I don't like it at all. I really do want to be upbeat about our country, but don't see much to be excited about. 

Well, we can all at least still try to be nice to each other. Who knows, we may actually meet some day, in the line at the soup kitchen or in some new "Obamaville" (aka Hooverville).

America, what  a country.
semper fi


RealityZone said...

I started to see a big change in Cole about six months ago.
Maybe he got a call from [TPTB]?
I also stopped following him.
Many of the so called "liberal" press is justifying this Libyan war.
Shame on them for writing, and espousing what they are told.
We all knew what this was all about right out of the gate.
This was complete regime change.
These "rebels" will have a big surprise coming for the West.
Think [Mujahadeen].

If Perry gets the nomination for the GOP there will be an independent entering the race immediately.
The GOP old guard [Papa Bush camp] does not want a TEAliban winning the presidency.
They would rather keep Obusha.
It will be fun watching the Tealiban eat their own during the primary race.
Obusha can not win on the economy.
He can not pull out the unemployment rate.
On the contrary it will probably be worst by then.
Beware of false flags.
He might escalate the existing wars. Or venture into a new one.
He is now a proven war of choice president.

john francis lee said...

I gave up on Juan Cole when the Israelis left no two stones one upon the other in Gaza and not a peep from Obama or Cole... it was apparent then that he was an apologist for Obama. His daddy was part of the Wehrmacht, a lifer, and he himself worked for the CIA, as a 'consultant'... he and Obama are on the same page. Israeli stooges. Carrying Neocon water.

The Western Axis... USA, EU, Israel, Oceania... against the rest of the world at this point... the part with stuff worth stealing, anyway. Smash and grab... Syria's next and or Iran?

I'm going to vote for Ron Paul, I guess. I'm no 'libertarian' but... ITs THE WARs, STUPID!... the mirror-image of Clinton's chest thumper. I believe Ron Paul is the only chance of ending the wars... and he's running for President, not for Emperor as Obama is, so the rest of his programs are contingent... not done deals. I don't think there's going to be a challenge from the left. And I don't know that I'd believe anyone else's pledge... should it even be forthcoming, the 'left' is pro-war now... to end the WARs. I'm only about 70/30 sure that Ron Paul'll end 'em. But I'm 100% sure Obama/or a 'Republican to be named later' won't, sure that things can only get worse with Obama or him/her in the Whitehouse.

Of course you know what I think is both necessary and sufficient to straighten us out :


It does look bleak world wide. wsws had an article on "Germany's Disgrace"... they hadn't actively joined in NATO aggression against Libya and now were going to be dealt out of the spoils!

Mike Whitney said...

Great article Charlie.

Yes, we need a third party...desperately.

The American Labor Party focusing on issues that effect working people. But--you know as well as I--that the powers-that-be will do everything to discredit or destroy such a party and their leaders. But its the only way forward.

As Malcolm X said: "Ot's either bullets or ballots".

Call me a chicken, but I prefer ballots....for now at least.

Grace said...

Hi Charlie! You said it. Hey an education and free health care and he even started free buses for students who were inconvenienced during WAR. They used and abused Gaddafi. I posted a link about this at DC this morning from Democracy Now regarding the actual relationship he had with our govt and how it is turning out. He did alot for wanting to free Africa from Euro colonialism once and for all. So much for that plan!!

My husband is one of the tech generation. He earns less than he did in 2000. Changed companies several times for various reasons. My sister, she stayed at one company for 20 years and that has worked out very well. Basically as my husband said it comes down to the techies are like plumbers. Well paid and you can't outsource certain kinds of maintenance and services. Butt, like a plumber, there is a low ceiling. I just made that up - but I think you might get me. : )

Not to sound like a know it all but that Juan Cole has never passed my blood brain barrier. For some reason he has never made sense to me! So it makes perfect sense to hear you say that about him now!

We truly need that thing, that Independence with a capital I. Where is the leadership?? We must support alternative voices, but they have a habit of getting murdered. "Out on the streets they call it Murder". It makes a person reluctant in general, but then that is their goal, defeatism. Gee I know there is a better way. Bob Marley said it, Life is worth much more than gold.

Here, in northern California, they teach to the STAR test. It seems like it depends on the school's approach. Not all schools are alike. Fortunately I have a kid who likes tests! He does well on them so I like to be hopeful. I see what kids need and how much when a family is in hardship, it is a terrible burden on children. They shouldn't have to change schools and friends when their parents struggle. It has happened too much in this Country. Pretty revealing that the food and school supply give away was flooded with people while a few blocks away those religious politicians with nothing to say but fear, sin and guilt sounded hollow. They are wolves in sheep's garb. Acting as Pharoah's keepers. The people in the pews are the same ones that murdered Jesus and they would have to kill him again they are so guilty they can't stand it. They hate us for our freedoms!!

"The whole world seems to be headed on a downhill run, with the US leading the way. The rich get ever richer, the damn fool wars of choice continue and new wars seem to just pop up every so often. "

See you at Obamaville! WorldPuppetDominationville.
"Sir, what's in the soup?"*

*Don't ask.

Grace said...

Hi Charlie! Hope we are good. I wrote a big long post here last night and it posted and then it vanished an hour later. Just agreeing with you all about Juan Cole also Gaddafi's real relationship with the US and how that's going. He helped us rendition and torture in fact we turned over an islamic militant that he tortured and who is now the Libyan Rebel leader...!

Ciao for now!

charlie ehlen said...

I am going to reply to all comments in one shot. Yeah, I know, I'm getting lazy or maybe just old, or both. Hey, it's my blog so........... LOL.
I thank all of you for your comments. I am amazed that I get comments as to me, it means that I hit a nerve on some of you folks. My rants mean something to you and that makes me feel very honored. Being just an old disabled working class guy, who would ever think that what I rant about would generate any positive comments. I sure never did, my ego isn't big enough for me to think that I am important.
On a personal note, Grace, I DO have your original comment. I get an email every time there is a comment here. Why your long comment was deleted I have no idea. Maybe it somehow upset somebody at Google. It did not upset me, it made me stop and think and that is always a good thing.
As to Professor Cole, I never held him up as a person to believe. I have read some other web sites that did and some that still do. Yeah, even with his being in favor of the imperial war against Libya some people still think(??) he is to be respected and listened to. Not me, not any more. I no longer visit his web site and don't care what he has to say on any topic. I do that with most every war monger, not just him. I used to check his site only when another site quoted him or made reference to his blog. I never had, nor will have, any link to his site. He is way too much in favor of war and his "humanitarian" wars are as bad as any other adman fool wars of choice. Maybe even worse as they are based on even more nasty, brutish lies. "Protecting" civilians by bombing them? Shades of Vietnam where we had to "destroy the village in order to save it". Yes, the very same old bullshit.
Who to vote for in 2012? Well, for me the jury has not even been selected yet. Who may run that has yet to declare? By this time next year we will all know who is running.
I no longer am so sure about Ron Paul. True, he says he wants to end the Fed and that is a good idea. Is he really anti-war? I asked his staff a few questions back in late 2007 and got very poor excuses for a reply. He ducks some issues that I think should be addressed. No, I don't recall exactly what they were. I know one was in relation to 9/11. NO, I do not hold to any of the "conspiracy" theories, but we have NOT been told the truth on that "incident" and you can take that to the bank.
I'll have to end this now and try to get a new rant on the corner soon.
Again, thanks to you all, I really do appreciate your comments.

William Blake said...

I've enjoyed your posts for a few years now. You may like the No Agenda podcast; I know I do. I don't have to agree with everything, but it is entertaining and I think you may like it too: noagendashow.com. Keep 'em coming, Charlie.

charlie ehlen said...

Thank you for your comment. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.
As for not agreeing with all on any particular web site, I don't' think I have ever done that. I don't want anybody to agree with all that I say either. I am not trying to start any sort of arguement with this blog, just maybe some discussion. We all have our own ideas of things and I enjoy civilized discussions of various topics.
Thanks for reading this corner. I really do appreciate any and all comments here.

gesneri said...

Charlie, regarding your comment that elements are trying to make us into a fundamentalist Xtian nation, I always want to refer the fundies to Matthew 25:31-46 where Christ tells a group of well-to-do men how they turned him away. When they reply that they never did so, he tells them that whatever they do not do for the least among them, they did not do for Him. Many of our fundamentalists seem to be extremely selective in their bible study, seeming to confine it mostly to the Old Testament. Not sure just why they call themselves "Christians".

charlie ehlen said...

Great comment my friend. Thank you.
I agree about why some of these people can even claim to be any sort of Christian. That is why I call them xtians. On a side note, that same term (xtian) is used by folks who post at the "Freethinker" web site.
The web address is; http://freethinker.co.uk
It is British based so many of the articles we may not be familiar with. There are some interesting opinions voiced on the site.
The internet is a great thing. I am interested in a wide variety of topics and on the net I get to explore so many. I often spend entire days surfing the net. The one "benefit" of being disabled/retired.