30 April 2011

Changes and a very worth your time article

Greetings good people.
I have just read an article that I think is well worth your time to check out. It is over at Counterpunch this weekend. The link is here;www.counterpunch.org/wilson04292011.html
While it is a bit long, in my opinion, it describes much of what is and has been wrong with the US military for many years. The major obstacle is careerism and the author does a very excellent job of showing just how it has and continues to destroy the military. The old "revolving door" of military-to-defense(?) contractor. It is very well worth your time to read this article. If you want, you can follow the link at the end of it and download a book that gives even more details of Labyrinth that is the Pentagon, or as Mr. Huber calls it and I have adopted the same, the "five sided puzzle palace".

I am making a few changes to the old corner as of now. From now on, the "too big to fail" crews and the clown of Wall Street will be referred to as gangsters. In my opinion, that is just what they ARE, so, I may as well call them that. I will continue to call out the Wall Street gangsters and the "too big to fail" gangsters unless or until they stop acting as such. I doubt that will happen any time soon.  So, that is change number one at the old corner.

Change number two, from now on I refuse to use capital letters when mentioning Congress. From today onward, it will be the congress critters that will be taken to task. This will continue until we the people are finally able to elect some decent, honest people to that body. No more Congress critters, from today onwards, they are congress critters. Lower case as that is what they have earned, lower case as in low class, even no class for a good many of them. I refuse to believe that any Congress person would even think of dismantling Social Security and Medicare, two programs that benefit both the common people and society at large. No, only congress people would do that and then brag about it to the people of this country. YES, some congress critters ARE proud that they want to destroy those programs.
A very good article on this is to be found at;www.thiscantbehappening.net/node/575
In that article Mr. Lindorff shows us how we CAN make a difference. Read the article and lets get the ball rolling folks. The country needs to change course, and damn soon or there won't be much left for our kids and grand kids. We the people MUST stand up for what is right for ALL of us. If you are retired and/or disabled like me, you have enough time to help out, if it only writing an email to your congress critter. It IS up to us folks. WE are the ones we have been waiting for.
semper fi


john francis lee said...

"There is enormous pride among young officers in their units and in each other, but I see strong evidence that they are rapidly losing faith in the Army and the country's political leadership."

So... we're going to have a military coup? I agree that GI Wilson has called out the careerists in the military... careerism is what's wrong with the congress as well... but I think that phrases such as "the military is truly a higher calling in the service of one's country" gives these guys license to their elitism.

I don't think the USA should even have a standing army!

I don't think there is any 'honor' in warfare at all.

So there is no honor in being a professional warrior.

So, yeah, he has a good criticism of the military, and the congress... but no thanks to "spartan rule".

charlie ehlen said...

I think the world would be much better off if there were no standing armies at all. War is NOT glorious nor honorable. First hand experience here on that score.
Yes, get rid of the standing army. Keep a good sized Coast Guard, they do rescue ships that have trouble or are sinking. That would or at least should be all the "navy" we would need also.
Just have a National Guard like Switzerland has. Works for them so far.
A peaceful nation does not need much of a warrior class. If the country is at peace with other countries, why need warriors? OK, maybe I am being too "pie-in-the-sky" but it sounds good to me.

Grace said...

Yes Charlie, if our National Guard would have been home during Katrina, not busting down families doors in Iraq.... we could have have had people to help stranded citizens. Most of the mayhem that happened and the need to hire private mercenaries would have been eliminated. People without water for days at the Dome, and stranded - I dont believe would have happened if we would have had our National Guard at Home.

charlie ehlen said...

Great point. Of course the empire had "other priorities", just as old "dead eye" Dick Cheney had his "other priorities" and was "unable" to serve in the military during the Vietnam war.
I may be wrong, but I think the Roman empire fell apart from within as much as from outside forces. America is sure falling apart internally. Just look at the infrastructure of the country. Our bridges collapse, our roads are in dis-repair, same goes for pipelines and all manner of needed structures.
Empire just demands more and more, while the folks back home suffer. What a country we have.