19 March 2011

Another big disappointment

Well, by now all of you good people know that the "no fly zone"bullshit and the attendant air strikes by the newest "coalition" of the all too willing has begun. France claims to have made the first of the air strikes against Libyan air defenses and other targets.
Yes, this is most disappointing to say the least. However, there is one other thing that I saw that is an even larger disappointment. Worse than another "war" or, as it has been billed by some, a "humanitarian intervention"? Yes, worse that that. It was an interview on al-Jazeera/English between two al-Jazeera reporters on the main set.  One of the reporters was Marwan Bishara. What is bothersome to me, is that I respect him as an honest person/reporter. He was going on and on how it was "needed" that Gaddafi get pushed out of power as he was using military force against his own people. Marwan, excuse me sir, but why not bomb TelAviv, or Manama, or Sanaa? The Zionist entity has and still does, bomb the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. Do you not remember that vile "Operation Cast Lead" sir? And what about in Yemen, where the leader of that country has and still does, allow his military and security forces to kill any protestors? Or how about Bahrain sir? The ruler of that island country has even "invited" Saudi troops to enter his country to assist in stopping, aka killing, the protests there? In short sir, you seem to have a very selective disgust with the leaders you feel should be done away with.
Very disappointing sir, very disappointing indeed. While I will continue to monitor al-Jazeera, as it is still better than what is "standard fare" for America, your "star" has certainly been dimmed some.
Just my own very personal 2 cents worth on this.
For the record, I DO think that Gaddafi has over stayed his "welcome" as the leader of Libya. I wish the Libyan people the very best and hope they are successful in getting the old colonel to step down before many more people are killed and wounded. I hope they are able to form the government they want, without being taken over by any outside peoples, such as the US or the EU.

semper fi.


RealityZone said...

I for one have very, very mixed emotions on this.
We all knew that the no fly zone would come about.
How long before we have boots on the ground in Libya?
Ya, I know O said we would not put boots on the ground. but he also said "all measures".

Shillary the neolib war hawk fought early, long, and hard for the no fly zone.
One talking head said it best. In Libya we are showing our "values".
In Bahrain, and Yemen we are showing our "national interests".
Libya is much different than Tunisia, or Egypt.
Something just does not smell right.
I believe we will regret this day, just as most of us regretted the first onslaught of -shock-and awe- on Iraq, and Afghanistan.
The West is using the Arab League for cover. This will not last. The Arab League has sat idly by while the rogue state of Israel continues their apartheid policy against the Palestinians.
How in the EFF can we justify the Saudi's entering Bahrain?
Oooops I forgot.
We moved from the House of Bush/House of Saud. to the House of Obama/House of Saud.
Not one word is being said about the Ivory Coast.
O petitioned S/Africa personally to keep Aristide in S/Africa.

charlie ehlen said...

Superb comments sir. Yes, I keep forgetting to add the Ivory Coast in my rants. They are in one hell of a mess also.
I agree with you that this is all just another mess and "we" will regret the bombing of Libya as it will not be long before it is seen as another "crusade" by the West against another Muslim country.
As to the total hypocrisy regards Yemen and Bahrain, you are right there also. Just like the old saying about how they may be bastards, but they are "our" bastards. America has only "interests" no more morals or humanity.
Yes, how long before ground troops are "needed" in Libya. No doubt it won't be very long until that time arrives. "Humanitarian" intervention my aged hind end.

RealityZone said...

This is classic Neoliberalist Imperialism.

First we had th Neo/Zio/cons,
Now we have the Neo'Zio/Libs.
Shillary is already warning Iran not to meddle in the Gulf Coast -Oman/Bahrain etc.
She sure has some big balls. The hypocritical double speak from her is unbelievable.
How many innocent people have we killed in Iraq and Afghanistan?
How many are displaced, injured, etc.
The neocons and the neolibs are one in the same with the same agenda. They have different justifications, but the agenda is the same.

charlie ehlen said...

It matters little if the cons be neo or lib, they are still cons. Yes, I mean that as in convicts, or at least they should BE convicted for the crimes they are responsible for. All these damn fool wars of choice. Just endless damn fool wars for the endless profits for the "too big to fail" crooks, be they banksters, military-industrial, or media. "We" have so many cons of all stripe here in the old USA.
I hope that Wisconsin is just the start of a national movement to rid ourselves of them all. Wonder if I will live long enough to see that happen here.
I agree that "we" sure as hell seem to "know it all" or so the supposed leadership(??) of America seems to feel they do.
Just label me totally disgusted with what passes for government in the country of my birth, the United States of America.

David G said...

Well, Charlie, the U.S. is at it again. The Tomahawks are flying and the missiles and bombs will follow them in due course.

What a Phu**ked up world we live in when we think that killing people solves problems.

The U.S. is pretending to keep a low profile but we all know that it underlies the move to war!

PEACE has 34 members now. We're starting to gain momentum.

Take care!

charlie ehlen said...

Yes, I saw that also. Even al-Jazeera has been "crowing"(!!??!) about something like 110 cruise missiles fired off so far. Holy crap! This IS another damn fool war of choice.
I have not posted on your blog for the last few days, not much to add to the comments left there.
I saw that PEACE is growing now. That gives me some small measure of hope. Thanks David for all that you do at "Dangerous Creation".
You should check out "Reality Zone" also, he always has tons of very good information and he updates most every day with new items. He is on my blog page with a link.
peace my friend

Mike Whitney said...

Let me get this straight.....Gaddafi is being attacked because he's killing rebels that are trying to depose him as leader. right?

So, that means that leaders are no longer allowed to preserve the state from revolutionaries? Is that it?

If that's the case, then it would be okay if the teachers and other strikers in Wisconsin armed themselves, stormed the capital, and forcefully removed Scott Walker from office at gunpoint? Right?

The whole premise of the UN's position is ridiculous. It's based on the idea that if powerful people don't like you, you can be removed from office through force.

gesneri said...

Mike, if you have "God on your side" you're assured of our support when rebels try to remove your government. If you're not on the side of the angels, look out. And, as always, I suspect it's all about the OIL.

Arab League already appears to be walking back their support of the UN intervention. Questions have arisen as to whether this is even in line with UN mandate. SNAFU, as usual.