12 August 2010

New day, new rant

Well a few things have got this old guy set to rant again.
Lately there have been a few former military types on the Maddow TV show on MSNBC. Now, I don't watch any program on that channel very often, and when I do catch any of them, I usually don't watch the entire program. "The Ed Show" seems to be half way tolerable, at times. Ms. Maddow is still a bit fresh and new, but old Keith is just plain old boring. I say this because I remember back when he read the sports scores on the Lost Angeles CBS channel some years ago. Back before he went off to ESPN even. I never cared much for him or his "style" even then. I think he is just very much in love with himself and not worth much of my time.
Getting back to Ms. Maddow and her show. She had some guys who had been kicked out of the military under the "don't ask, don't tell" crap. To me it is very foolish to boot out anybody from the military if they are doing their job as a professional and not breaking any rules. I don't consider being gay and in the military to be breaking a rule.
Consider also, the military has been having a hard time recruiting people to their services. Some of the people who have been forced out of the military have skills that the military really needs. Skills like being fluent in Arabic or Farsi. The military needs those people. Forcing them out because they are gay is very foolish. Actually, it is damn stupid. In my opinion, homosexual people can be good troops. If they can follow orders and do their jobs, keep them as long as they want to be in the military.
Opposing views are welcome. Just do not expect to have me change my opinion. And yes, I would have served with a gay in the Marines when I was a member of that outfit. I may have done so any way. When I was in the Marines, 1968-72, there was no DADT(don't ask, don't tell). So, we may have had gay Marines, we just didn't know it. In Vietnam, all we really cared was wether or not, we could trust other Marines. We did trust each other and I don't think it would have mattered if any of the guys were gay.
Another "new" thing that gets me to laugh is the flap over the comments by Mr. Gibbs about the "professional" left. I am asking any readers the following. Is there a "professional" left in America? If so, who are among this "professional" left? Any ideas?
As I said some time back, every so often I check out the blog "Crooks and Liars". They are up in arms over this flap. I find it very, very funny reading some of the comments there on this topic.
Some sound almost like the "Tea Party" clowns to me.
Yes, I find people who are always critical of others who are, themselves, unable top take any criticisms. Funny how some on the "left" can dish it out, but cannot take it. They rant on and on about the elephant gang and the "Tea Party", yet when anybody makes a critical comment at them, they get totally freaked out and go on the war path, well, they rant on their blogs. I doubt they have the courage/guts/balls, to do much more than that. I will go so far as to say, I doubt they even email or write those who are critical of them. That would require too much effort and, they may get a nasty email/letter in return.
Yes, I do think many on the "left" are gutless wimps. Disagree? No problem. I didn't say they ALL are gutless, just a good many of them seem to be.
The idiot wars. Go-bomber and the rest of our political "leadership" are in big trouble with the current idiot wars of choice. No, they are in real serious trouble. No kidding. The last few days I have talked to some folks who don't follow events the way I and many of you folks do. They may catch a headline or three in a given day, but they don't really follow events around the world very closely at all.
Well, more than a few have come right out and asked me, just why are we still in Iraq. Now, when you have folks who don't keep up with events ask why we are still in Iraq, you know things are not going well for the "leaders". Some have even seemed to be taken aback by the fact that we are still in Iraq. No kidding. Some thought that war was over and the troops had withdrawn from Iraq. Seriously.
I have been asked what we are doing in Afghanistan also. When the regular folks wonder why we are still in these countries, it shows me that the administration and the media are failing, big time.
My reply is, as per my cynical/sarcastic way, to tell them that we are at war for one and only one, very good reason. The reason; obscene profits for the war industries. Oh, and to control access to the resources of those countries.
Iraq is not in the news much of late, which may help explain why some folks find it hard to believe we are still there. The old "out of sight, out of mind" game being played on the public. People are still being killed daily in Iraq. That poor country is not safe in any way yet. "We" have not transplanted democracy there. That never was the real goal any way though.
I do understand some how these folks cannot keep up with events. There is so much on TV to distract them. You know, important things like that Lohan gal going to jail and all. Or maybe it is the "summer" TV season or that the NFL pre-season is about to start. Important things, you know.
Iraq hardly ever gets a mention in the local newspaper now days. About the only time it comes up is if a local trooper is killed or seriously injured in that war. Then Iraq gets a mention. Afghanistan gets a bit more mention, but even then, not very often.
Well, neither war is going very well from the stand point of the "leaders", so it makes sense that it isn't in the news much. Why advertise failure?
What does make news is the miserable state of the economy. That is what folks around here are concerned with. Jobs, pay checks, things that really matter as the banksters continue to rip us off.
The country is going down and still the Fed and the administration keeps pumping money into the big banks. More "quantitative easing". That will do nothing to stimulate the economy.
Hell, if they want to get consumers back into stores spending money, just declare ALL credit card debt to be paid in full. Every credit card holder has their credit card balances reset to zero. THAT would get the people back into stores, spending again.
Or, how about a REAL mortgage negotiation plan? Try to really reset the home value to real world values and then reset the mortgage to suit? I bet that those would get people to spend again.
Old "helicopter" Ben cannot expect folks to take on even more debt. Many people are maxed out with debt. They cannot take on any more debt as they are having serious problems making the current minimum payments today.
The clowns at the Fed and Treasury still want to save the "too big to fail" banksters. They tell us how the banks having this money is good for us. We can go apply for new loans. How can we get any more loans? We are buried under crushing debt, and all these idiots can come up with is for us to borrow more? And this is the best(??) our "leaders" can do?  That right there tells me we are in very serious trouble. Oh, they say, the "market" is up. Big deal! The stock market is no longer any gauge of the working class economy. When companies lay off workers, the market goes up. The market is all about profits, greed, NOT the workers or decent wages. Wages are to be cut to the bone. That is what drives up share prices, increases profits.
The country is in serious trouble and the "leaders" don't seem to have a clue about how to fix things.
We need to elect people who want to help America. We need to stop electing those who care more about other countries than our own. We need to rebuild the infrastructure in America, before we go running around the world, making other people be "like us". Also, before we make others "be like us", we need to ask them just what they DO want from or of us. Not everybody wants to be "like us".  Good for those who do not want to be like us. All people should be allowed to be as they choose to be. We have no right to make anybody be like us. We also need to get our own country in order before we go around getting others places "in order". There is something in the Christian Bible about this. I remember a parable(?) about making sure your house is spotless before you criticize your neighbor for his/her messy house. IF, and it is very big IF, America thinks of itself as a Christian nation, we had best start to put that story into practice, now.
semper fi


RealityZone said...

This was my comment on my post about the Professional left.

These cowardly, spineless, ignorant dems that still believe that Obama and his team are, or ever were liberal need their heads examined. The O team is a center right, corporate, war of choice team. And they are loving every moment of it. Obama is out of touch and out of control. He has waited too long to fix the economy. He has escalated our foreign military presence beyond belief. Our military is now a clear and present danger to the world. It's only purpose is to expand the empire, not to protect it's citizens.

On the contrary our foreign policy is putting us into more peril than ever before.

He has never listened to the left. Sure, he throws them a bone. and the left squeals with joy. These are bones of lip service, to veil their true agenda.

And the stupid dems swallow it hook line and sinker.

We deserve the best government that Corporations can lease.

If we had people like Charlie running our country we would all be better off. Great rant once more.

Mike Whitney said...

Right on, Charlie. Obama keeps telling us things are getting better in Iraq, but every day people are blown up or shot gangland style all over Baghdad. is it any wonder why 4 million Iraqis still haven't returned home?

This is victory? Victory for who--EXxon, BP, Standard oil?

The gibbs statement was a real break for liberals. It just shows how much contempt the Obama crew has for the average guy who helped get his sorry ass elected. Now that his ratings are in the tank---because he broke every one of his campaign promises--he wants to blame the professional left for his dwindling popularity.

What a complete fraud.

Good work, Charlie

gesneri said...

I don't care who the President wants to blame for his dwindling popularity--I'm just not interested any more. His administration was the precipitating event for my changing my voter registration to unaffiliated after 41 years of being a registered Democrat. I'll admit I wasn't particularly happy with the Democrats for the last 15 years or so, but it took the betrayals of this administration to change my affiliation. I can't foresee any time in the near future when I would vote for a Democrat again. I will vote for my own write-in candidate unless the Greens are running someone on the ballot in my state in 2012. What I will NOT do is vote for this President again, no matter who is running against him. I've been dissed by this administration for the last time. They act as if I have some sort of obligation to vote for them, and since my vote is about the only thing I have left, I'll damn well do what I like with it.

john francis lee said...

The gibbs statement was a real break for liberals. It just shows how much contempt the Obama crew has for the average guy who helped get his sorry ass elected.

We need to elect people who want to help America... since my vote is about the only thing I have left, I'll damn well do what I like with it.

If we had people like Charlie running our country we would all be better off.

Good stuff.