19 July 2010

It just gets worse

More disgusting things have come to light recently.
First off, the report that a "new record" number of suicides by our military personnel has been reached. Yes, our own troops are killing themselves in ever growing numbers. Part of the reason for this is undoubtedly due to the extreme stress of multiple tours in the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan. Being in a war zone, the constant heightened state of being alert to the dangers at all times, the snipers, the road side bombs, the not knowing who is friend or foe among the local population takes a huge toll on the troops. It was much the same in Vietnam. Even if we had had a "score card" it would have been near impossible to tell the "friendlies" from the "bad guys".
The internet may have some bit to add to this. No doubt the troops log on and check the news sites. While the military may try to limit the sites the troops have access to, it isn't all that hard to get past the fire walls and get to any web site the wish. I am sure that the troops have figured out that they are being lied to by the government. They do come home after their tour is up. No doubt they make use of the unrestricted access to the net when they are in the states between tours in the wars. Oh, they see the "support the troops" bumper stickers, but that isn't really very much. It does not mask the truth, that more and more Americans are beginning to see both the Afghan and Iraqi wars as useless.
How do you keep fighting a war that has limited or no support from the majority of the people back home?
War is not at all "pretty" or in any way "fun". No matter what the new CentCom commander may say or have said, war and killing/shooting people is NOT fun. No way, no how. If shooting/killing other human beings is in any way "fun", the person who sees it as such, is in my opinion a totally sociopath. Having been in a shooting war in Vietnam, I do not see how anybody can say that it is "fun" to shoot other people. It is what one does in war, but it is not "fun". To say that shooting/killing another human being is "fun" is beyond disgusting and the person who thinks it to be "fun" is in serious need of mental health intervention.
The "rules of engagement" also must contribute to the stresses the troops endure. They are told to keep civilian casualties to a minimum. Good idea, as the deaths of the innocent does not endear the troops to the local populous.  The thing is, when the troops are attacked, they don't have the time to always figure out who the "good guys" are from the "bad guys" who just attacked them. This is true of sniper attacks or a road side bomb (IED).  When you are in a fire fight, you don't have the luxury of making that decision. You just shoot at anybody in the field of fire. \War is nasty and brutal.  The "best laid plans" never go off as planned.
In war, you see and do things that no human being should even dream of. The memories do not ever go away either. Memories last a life time and not everybody is able to live with them. You see humanity at its very worst in war. The things one sees are beyond any decent imagination. It is a real challenge to live with those memories of what you see/do in war. Not everybody is able to put the past behind them and get on with life. The troops who go off to war on their first tour in the war zone never come back the same people. War changes a person almost beyond recognition. Go to war and I promise, you will never be the same person again.
When they come home from the war, family and friends do not, cannot, understand why their loved one is so very different. It is because of what they have seen/done.
I still believe that if more people in America were able to see the real results of war, the dead and dying, and the smells of war, they would not be so free and easy with allowing themselves to be lead into such a damn miserable mess as war by the supposed "leaders" ever again. We in America have been and still are, very insulated from the realities of war. The last time there was a real war in America, it was 1861-1865. Americans have not known war the same way much of the rest of the world has since then. The old saying "out of sight, out of mind" comes into play here. We do not see war up close and personal. Even the TV "news" does not come close to showing us war today. During the Vietnam war, there was footage of some fighting on the evening news. No more. In fact, we don't even have photos of the caskets returning the dead.  True, Go-bomber has loosened the "rules" regarding such photographs, but how often do you see this on TV?
War is vile, nasty, and should not be gone into unless we are attacked in force. The events of 9/11 do not justify an all out war. What should have been done was to use special forces troops and gone in after the supposed perpetrators with small groups. We should have used diplomacy and more of a police type tactics. Going in with guns blazing and full combat regiments was the wrong thing to do. Of course it was not meant to capture or kill bin-Laden. Both of the current damn fool wars of choice were, I am convinced, meant to be for the huge, nay obscene, profits of the war industries. The "too big to fail" banksters make obscene profits from wars. Even the companies that make socks and underwear make money from war. The troops need clothing you know.
General Smedley Butler had it 100% correct. War IS a racket. There is big money in war and until we eliminate the obscene profits of war, there will be more wars of choice. More useless killing and maiming of fellow human beings. Less real peace in this world, more conflict, more death and destruction. More misery. More suicides among the troops and other victims of war.
If you support the troops, really support them, you would demand that they ALL come home, now. These wars are doing nothing at all to make the country safer. The wars are putting us all more at risk of retaliation. Even the recently dismissed General McChrystal said that for every militant we kill, we create ten more new enemies.
If we want to end the suicides of our troops, we need to end the goddamn useless wars.

One more topic for this rant. You may be aware of the video out on the net of "Bibi" Nutty-yahoo telling some "settlers" how he was able to manipulate Clinton into thinking that he would actually honor the Oslo accords. This is just the most blatant example of the low regard the Zionist entity has for America and our "leaders". That this continues to be the norm for our government is outrageous. That the "news" media in America is a constant cheer leader for the Zionist entity is beyond disgusting.
"We" are being lead to our destruction by the  worst elements of the Zionist right wing. What they want, we give, no questions asked, no limits. This is certainly the tail wagging the dog.
A comment on one web site discussing this video asked a very good question. Since we are in Iraq and Afghanistan to defend Israel, why don't they have their troops in these wars zones? The British, Australians, and other allies have troops in the war zones, why not the IDF?
It was the Zionist entity and their supporters here in the US who cheered on these wars. It was the Zionist entity that demanded that Saddam be removed. Why aren't there IDF troops fighting along with American and NATO troops?
Nutty-yahoo says he will always put the interests Israel first. When will the "leaders" of America put American interests first? It is in no way in American interests to be at war in Iraq or Afghanistan.  It is not in American interests to be at war with Iran either.
Link for the video and commentary at;http://realityzone-realityzone.blogspot.com/2010/07/netanyahu-leaked-home-video-2001-with.html
When will Americans wake up to this truth that we are being used and abused by the Zionist entity and their supporters? When will American leaders put America and American interests first?
America, where are you now? We need your help to fight the monster.
semper fi

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