03 January 2010

Prize peace?

Oh happy, happy, joy, joy.
The United States has just closed our embassy in Yemen. The British have done the same. According to some analysts, this could be a sign that there is some sort of large military action in the planning.  Wonderful news.
What? You don't see military action in another country as good news? Why, what sort of 'Merikan are you? Watch or listen to the likes of Beck, Hannity, O'Really, etc. I left out Limburger as he is/was recently in hospital for "chest pains".
Also, listen to Go-bomb-them on military actions. Our dear leader has recently won the Noble Peace Prize. Any further military actions (other wise known as invasions) are just in the interest of "peace" of course. We should not question the actions of such a wonderful person as the winner of the "peace prize". Why, it would be down right cynical to think that Go-bomb-them was not acting in the name of peace.  He will bring peace to Yemen no matter what.  It would also be quite foolish to even imagine that he would have "consulted" with the government of Yemen about any military actions. Why would he need to do such a thing? Didn't he just receive the "peace prize"?  How dare any of us peons question his motives. Just who do we think we are? Our "job" as tax payers and citizens of 'Merika is to pay our taxes, send our children and grandchildren off to what ever wars our leaders deem necessary, and to keep our mouths shut.
The possible military actions in Yemen fit right in with the "plans" of the neo-cons and the Pentagon. Remember the gang of W. Shrub? We are in a "long war" now. The idea of a long war implies more war.
We "need" more wars. The war industries want more profits. The fearful leaders in the Pentagon want more wars so they can justify more funds for new weapons and weapon systems.
Senator Joe LIEberman wants more wars. He is from Connecticut where there are still jobs in the "defense" industry. Joe has never met a war he was not for, except when it was his turn to go to war. Like his pal Dick Cheney, LIEberman did all he could to stay out of the Vietnam war. He was successful in that, he never has worn a uniform. And yet, he seems to love wars, as long as it is not any member of his family that do the fighting and dying. I think Joe should move to his favorite country, the Zionist entity, as he is an Israeli firster. Actually, he is just like many of the neo-cons in his love of the Zionist entity first and his never having served in the US military.
Just my opinion, but every person who wants war should have to have been to war themselves. They should at least spend some months with the wounded and disabled from our current wars. They should have to spend months giving aid to these troops who have been severely wounded and will need life long medical care. In fact, the entire American public needs to see, in full color, the results of war. There should be full color pictures and video of what war does to human beings on the news, every day. It is not pretty, there is no "glory" in war. I speak from personal experience in the Vietnam war.
It is so easy for the Congress critters to send the children and grandchildren of other people off to war. If they are for war, let them enlist and lead the war. At the very least, have their children or grandchildren enlist and serve in the wars they are for. Maybe then they might stop and think about just what the hell they are doing.
Yemen is just the latest country to be placed in the sights of the US military. Actually, we have been in that country giving "advice" to the Yemeni military for some years now. According to some sources, we have had "advisors" in Yemen since about 2004.
We are already at war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and sort of in Pakistan. I say sort of with regards to Pakistan as we have yet to put "boots on the ground" in Pakistan. Now we have been making noises at Somalia, Yemen, and of course Iran. This is how the "long war" works. Endless wars for endless profits.
One has to wonder how much longer the country can keep this up. We are currently fighting these wars on borrowed money. How much longer will China continue to loan us the money to keep on with these wars?
We have fallen right into the trap bin Laden has set. What makes it even more stupid of us, is that he stated his goals back around the time of 9/11. He said he wanted to get America to invade Muslim countries and then get us stuck in wars with Islam. Well, he has won that part. Oh, and yes, Yemen is a Muslim country.
Go-bomb-them made a very nice speech in Cairo in 2009 where he said that America is not at war with Islam. The actions of America seem to belie his words. Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan,Somalia, and Yemen are Muslim countries. So is Iran. What other countries are we threatening? They all seem to be Muslim countries that are in the military sights of the Pentagon. When every country you are at war with and those you are threatening are all Muslim, how can you say that you are not at war with Islam?
I certainly don't know the answer to that, but then, I did not win the "peace prize".


RealityZone said...

EXCELLENT POST. I totally agree on all counts.

Tracey said...

Somehow, they all seem to have the natural resources we so covet control over...as well as being Muslim!

Anonymous said...

good post. i'm glad i found your blog. keep blogging.