09 October 2009

Peace prize?

Our president has won the Nobel Peace Prize.
Really? How? Why? What has he done to deserve this "honor"? What war has he ended? Where has he "delivered" peace between warring factions?
How did this guy, who has been in office less than one full year win this prize?
OK, he did give a speech where he said it would be nice to live in a world free of nuclear weapons. Well, big damn deal folks. I have known a good number of people in my life time who have said the very same thing. None of them was even considered for any such prize, at least I never heard they were. I have even on occasion, myself, said that a nuclear weapons free world would be a very nice place. OK, I was never on any list for the prize either. Hell, I don't remember getting much in the way of any prize recently. I DID win three (yes 3) awards for scale models that I built some years ago. That was really nice and it totally surprised me. Nothing at all even close, I suppose to the "big one" (aka Nobel Peace Prize).
Other than the speech about a nuclear weapons free world, no action mind you, just a speech, what has Go-bomb-them done to get this award?
Well, let us take a look at his performance so far in his current job.
He is still waging war in Iraq, check. He is now "considering" sending more troops to the war in Afghanistan, check. He still makes noises about sanctions and further actions against Iran, check. He has not made any progress at all on bringing and end to hostilities between the Palestinians and the Israelis, check.
These are just the more obvious, widely known not peace deals he has made so far.
Now, what has he actually done? Well, he did decide (there we go with the "decider guy" stuff again) to remove, even before they left here, the missile shield from eastern Europe. Nice move as the system has never really worked any way.
He has made nice with Russia, always a good idea to try to be friends with the other major nuclear weapons power on the planet.
He has probably done or talked about some other things that are peaceful but they didn't make much of an impression on me as I can't think of any more right now. Yes, I am too lazy this morning to do a google search for any. You want a google search of his accomplishments, go ahead and do one.
When I turned on ye olde computer this morning, I went to one of my news sites and was greeted with the headline; "Obama wins Peace Prize". My first reaction was, this has got to be a joke. Seriously, did I click on the main page for "The Onion", rather than a "hard news" site? Nope, I checked again, it was a "real news" web site I was on. Wow. I am still wondering just what he has done to achieve this level. All I can come up with is that he gave a speech at the UN.
Well, so did the leader of Libya. Don't see that guy winning any peace prize. Hey, don't laugh, what else has our "dear leader" done to win this prize?
As I said above, he is still bogged down in two (count them, 2) illegal wars of choice. Yes, I know, he has said that Afghanistan is a war of necessity, but that is total crap and anybody with a functioning brain knows that. We are still in Iraq, even though that war hardly ever is in the news lately. We are still making nasty sounding noises towards Iran, even though we did have talks with them recently. We seem to have allowed the Zionist gang who run Israel to get away with building whatever they wish on land that once had Palestinians living on it. Still has such occupants in fact.
So, tell me, folks.Just what the hell has Go-bomb-them done to warrant his getting the Nobel Peace Prize? Inquiring minds want to know.

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