11 March 2009

Zionist rule in America

Today we hear that Charles Freeman has withdrawn his name from consideration from the National Intelligence Council. He had been opposed by the Zionist fools at AIPAC for being "too critical" of Israel. 
Yes, that's how America works today. If you want to be a part of the government, no matter how highly qualified you might be, do NOT criticize Israel in any way, shape, or form. If you do, kiss your career goodbye.

Americans do not run America. Not today, not since many years ago to be totally honest. The Zionists, AIPAC, and the goddamn assholes from the Israeli Likud party are in charge of things here.
This has been going on for many years, but ever since the idiot Shrub was "elected" back in 2000, it has become so open that it is no longer tolerable to any REAL Americans.
Enough of the goddamn bullshit. This is America damn it! WE ought to be in control of OUR foreign policies, NOT some foreigners nor their lobbyists. 
This is just the latest, and to me, the worst development.

Will this horse shit ever end? I seriously wonder. It will take more people getting sick and tired of being chained to the Zionist regime in Tel Aviv for that to happen. It will take American politicians with a TRUE sense of being a real patriotic American. Do we have any such critter? I wonder.

in disgust,
semper fi

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