25 March 2008

I tried, but failed

Hey folks.
Well, as the title says, I tried and failed, yet again. This time I had tried to "blog" an email I was sent by an online friend and fellow former Marine.
It is on my corner as text only. The story is "Definitely Mother of the Year". It is about a mama tiger who lost her cubs and then adopted some piglets as her kids. The photos are remarkable for sure. If you email me, I will forward it to you if you wish. It is a beautiful story and the photos are incredible for certain.
Anyways, I replied to my friend after I saw this email and asked him if this tiger could do such a thing, why can't we humans do something like that?
In other words, why cannot mankind( does the "kind" part of man exist?exist?) do this sort of thing with our fellow human beings? Why do we keep throwing up roadblocks to getting along with each other? Why do we use religion, race, creed, skin color, hair color, education (or lack of), or any other artificial "divisions" to keep us from getting to know and like each other?
We have a president (YES, I think he is a total shit) who claims to be a born again Christian. Yet everything he has done in the last 7 years has been very un-Christian. I can see this and I am a heathen! Hell, don't those of you who claim to be Christian see his hypocrisy? How Christian is it to bomb the living shit out of two countries that never attacked us? Who never even were a credible threat to harm us in any way? Is it just me being a damn heathen that keeps me from seeing how the actions of Shrubbie are Christian? Can any of you religious folks set me right on this? Do any of you religious types give a crap about heathens like me? If not, what the hell are you doing reading this blog?
The US State Department is doing all It can to assist in further dividing us also. According to recent comments in a State Department report, any criticism of Zionism is anti-Semitic! Wow, being critical of a quasi political movement is now akin to being racist. Amazing how this criminal government of America has bastardized our language again.
According to this report, Jews are suffering a new form of anti-Semitism disguised as "hatred" for Israel. Wow, so if we disagree with the idiot Shrub, are we, by extension, anti-American now? Hey, it IS a legitimate question to ask, the way this gang of rat bastards running the show in DC have done things so far, it will not be long before they "extend" this anti- whatever bullshit to any anti they choose. We are losing our freedom of speech here at home folks. Subtle ways of "changing" or "tweaking" language into something we no longer recognize. Words mean whatever these assholes in DC say they mean. This way, none of us can know when we have "transgressed". How very convenient for them, all the better to lock us up or at least keep us intimidated.
Well, I REFUSE to buckle to them!
Fuck the assholes!
I say that Zionism IS racism. There are very ultra fundamentalist Jews who are anti-Zionist. Are they anti-Semites also? By the way, the Semitic peoples include the ancient Hebrews AND the Arabs. Therefore, if one is being accurate (yes, this IS America, where nobody is accurate, least of all politicians and/or news readers on the tube) a true anti-Semite would not just hate Jews, but he/she would hate Arabs equally. Now, we see how being an anti-Semite has been twisted to mean ONLY Jews. We the people, blindly accept this "change" and of course we get it crammed down us by the politicians and every idiot news reader on the tube and even in print. There are no real news people on TV in my opinion. They are ALL just news readers and not even very good at that job. At least the BBC used to (no TV now so I cannot verify if it is still true) called the folks who read the news on the "beeb" what they are, news readers. One small bit of honesty on the "news".
Zionism IS racism, pure and simple. Check the history of the Zionist movement. Zionism IS a political movement, it is NOT a religion. Judaism IS a religion, but Judaism is NOT necessarily Zionist. There are Christian Zionist, like the guy who is backing McCrazy, I think his name is Hagee or some such. He runs one of those "mega" churches in Texas. So, Zionism is not even exclusively a Jewish thing.
Dislike for the government of Israel is NOT anti-Semitism. If that were the case many Israeli Jews, say for example Uri Avnery, would be an anti-Semite. Read his commentaries on the Counterpunch web site some time. He is very much against his governments policies regards the Palestinians. Is he now an anti-Semite because he has been and continues to be critical of the government of Israel? If he is such, then I am proud to join him in being a "new" so-called anti-Semite. I guess I must be an anti-American also. I disagree with things my government is doing and has done and continues to do.
Well, fuck that shit. I served HONORABLY in the Marines. I did a tour in Vietnam. I would say that I qualify as a person who loves America. I sure as hell love this country more that that fuck asshole turd Cheney, who had "other priorities" during the Vietnam war. Goddamn coward is what "dead eye" Dick is. He does NOT give a shit in hell about this country nor the people in it. He only cares for power and money. He is a war criminal and ought to be behind bars making little rocks from big rocks for life. No chance of ever getting parole or pardon.

Bottom line here folks, I'm goddamn sick and tired of all the bullshit artificial "divisions" that get put up between us by our supposed leaders. There was an old TV show, the character played by Walter Brenan(sp) would say at least once every episode, "If you're waitin' on me, you're movin' too slow". Well, if we are waiting on our "leaders" to help knock down the artificial barriers between us humans, we are not just moving too slow, but we are moving backwards! They ONLY way to change this fucked up world is for "we the people" to do it ourselves.
WE need to kick down these artificial differences that stand between "different" peoples. WE have that power. Will we use it? Will you use it? Will YOU say "hello" to someone who does not look like a close member of your family the next time you go out? Will you at least allow that other religious beliefs MAY be equally as valid as yours are? Will you even ALLOW that there ARE other religious beliefs? That there ARE other peoples who may NOT wish to be "just like us Americans"? Why should everyone want to be just like America anyhow? If we were all the same, this would be one goddamn boring assed world. Nothing would be invented, nothing would get done, we'd all be the same, same ideas and no progress toward anything at all. A world of truly "same shit, different day". Dull and fucking boring to death.
Celebrate the rich diversity among us all. Look at life with some joy. Hell, look in the damn mirror and be GLAD that people are different!
Stop the hate. Stop the bigotry. Stop the persecution of those who are "different". How would you feel if those who are "different" had the actual power over you? Might make you change your tune and damn quick. So, change it NOW, while you can do so of your own free will. I cannot, nor would I ever want, to FORCE any of you to change. I do not ever want that sort of power. I DO wish more of us all would decide, on our own, to at least allow that other people can look,think, and even believe differently from us.
If we would just try to do this, the world could be such a very much nicer place for every one and every living creature on this small planet. So, please folks, just give it a try. It won't hurt you, honest.
until the next entry,
semper fi

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