03 April 2007

An Easter gift from Shrub?

According to a report leaked by Russia, the Shrub may start bombing Iran on 6 April, 2007.
It has not made much news here in the old US of A, but did merit an article on Counterpunch by Professor Leupp.
Now an interesting thing with this is, 6 April is Good Friday. As I am not a member of any organized religion, I needed to check the old calendar to verify that date. That makes Sunday 8 April Easyer Sunday.
Now maybe it is just cynical old me, but isn't it a bit strange that our "decider" claims to be a "good Christian", yet he just may start a third war(!) during the Easter season. It is my understanding that this is one of THE two high holy days for the Christian church. Is this really a good way to prove how "godly" he is? I really do wish to understand this, as I said, I am not religious and am curious about this. I mean, I respect the rights of all peoples to their religious beliefs, but this does seem a bit odd. If anyone could explain this to me, feel free to do so.
It is a bit odd in another way as well. Think about the facts as we have them. We have two(!) failed wars right now. Afghanistan, yes, we are still there and fighting is ongoing. Iraq, well, not much else need be said, it is going very bad for us so far. Now, having two failed/failing wars, would any SANE person decide(?) to start a third war? Or is this new war with Iran supposed to take the overtaxed American brains away from the failed wars? Just curious.
I guess it would be like trying to build a deck and making two miserable attempts then deciding to build a third deck on another side of the poor, broken down house. OK, maybe that isn't a good example. Got any that are better? Any that make sense?
Any way, it looks like our great "decider" may have a new(?) and wondrous "gift" for the whole world this Easter season. Have fun kids. Don't overeat the chocolate eggs. Please don't shoot the bunnies this year.
semper fi

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