15 February 2007

Do we get "real" news in America?

Well, the last few days here have been most curious. It would seem as though America no longer is allowed network access to "REAL" news stories.
How so? Well, take this Anna Nicole mess(PLEASE take it, as in very far away). How is it that a bleached blond bimbo, whose only claim to "fame" is being a Playboy playmate and marrying a very rich old guy. Old enough to have been her grandfather, gets so much coverage for being dead? Her death has been the lead on much of CNN and this morning on CNN Headline news, nearly one half of that half hour "news" program was devoted to squabbles over DNA testing of her remains. That is nearly 15 minutes of a 30 minute "newscast" given to some dead blond bimbo who, as far as I can tell, never did much to help anybody except herself.
Notice, that Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran had to be held until we got plenty of trivial crap about this dead bimbo. Other than her lawyers and those of the estate of her dead(old and very rich) husband, who the hell cares?
It would seem that as the wars are going badly for us, divert the public with spectacle. Anna Nicole fits that profile to a "T". Spectacle for sure.
More on the two wars going bad. As Iraq sinks further into chaos, and Afghanistan gets less and less news coverage on the networks, Bush and crew are beating the drums of war with Iran. Well, sure, when you have a war (or two) that go quickly to hell, start another war with another country, this way the public won't focus on the mess in Iraq! What strategy! Why, it is near brilliant! If only Johnson had done this he might have run for re-election in 1968. Maybe he should have started a shooting war with Cambodia. Oh, wait, Nixon did that. Well, even Nixon was capable of a mistake or three.
A comment or more on Congress. The good news from the November 2006 elections, the Republicans lost control of both houses of Congress. The bad news on those elections. The Democrats won control of Congress.
What ARE the donkey gang doing? They make some noise in front of the TV cameras, then go and vote on non-binding resolutions! Big damn deal. Almost like telling the dog that you will beat his ass if he shits on the rug and when he does, you just bend down and clean it up, end of story. Our "wonderful" Democratic controlled Congress is almost as useful.
Some bits of good news. First off, the Dixie Chicks won some Grammy awards. Good for them. The crap they took for saying they were ashamed that the president was from Texas was stupid. Hell, this current criminal administration makes some of us ashamed to call ourselves Americans. Take that you non-music lovers.
More good news. For those of us who like our race cars to run short and dead on straight, the NHRA season started last weekend. Some really good racing was seen at the Winternationals. Ah, 22 more races left in the new season. Next drag race for them, 23 to 25 February at Phoenix, AZ.
Good news for folks who like long distance (400 to 500 miles) racing with only left turns, NASCAR gets going at Daytona this week. Some of the qualifying races were held today. No, I don't have the results at hand now, sorry. The Daytona 500 is this Sunday. The truck race is Friday and the Busch race on Saturday. So, while the two Bush league wars may be going down the toilet, at least racing is started again at home. Race fans, enjoy. War fans, go to hell, do not pass "GO", do not collect $200.00. As General Smedley Butler said, there are only two reasons for war. To defend OUR homes and the Bill of Rights. All other reasons for war are a racket. No wonder Cheney likes war so much. Racketeers love their rackets.
Which brings me back to the "dark lord" Cheney. That draft dodger is damn quick to send our kids and grand kids off to fight and die in war. The son of a bitch didn't have the balls to even serve in the military himself. He would NOT have made it through Marine Corps NCO school. The Marine Corps taught me in NCO school that a good leader should never ask his troops to do something he was unwilling to do himself. Such is the "leadership" of the criminal administration we have in our country today. Gutless bastards who were too damned chickenshit to serve in the military sending our young people off to do what they were too damned scared to do themselves when they had the opportunity. Screw Bush and Cheney and the sheep they rode in on.
semper fi

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Re Bush and Cheney. You are preaching to the choir.