19 September 2006

Very interesting.........

Wow! Some VERY interesting news today.
Thanks to the old satellite TV, I caught the morning edition of the BBC America news feed. Also interesting that I was awake at the right time.
The prime minister of Hungary was caught on tape telling members of his cabinet that "We fucked up....." In a later news conference, he admitted it again, in more polite terms. Can ANYONE imagine old W saying anything remotely close to that? Hell, can ANYONE even imagine him having that thought? I didn't think so..........
Old W is off to "speak" at the UN this week. The good news there is that old Bonkers Bolton may be looking for a new job soon. The Senate, in an actual moment of reality, does not look ready to confirm him for the job, AGAIN! As I understand it, he CAN get another recess appointment, BUT he would not be able to be paid for the job if he gets a second "appointment". Do you think he would work for free? I guess a "belief" system only goes just so far with the neo-cons. LOL. Poor baby......But I imagine he will get some government job or other. If not, he can always shop for work(?) at one of those many right wingnut "think tanks" that abound in the D.C. area.
Afghanistan is back in the news. That is never a good thing, always means things are going badly in that poor country. It appears that the NATO troops, "underestimated" the strength of the old Taliban. Hey, just like Wolfie, Rummy, Colin, and Cheney did. They got the Iraq thing wrong also.
Speaking of which, Iraq is off to a great fall. Oh.......Bad pun there. OK, autumn is not going well in Iraq. Record numbers of Iraqis are being killed. Things are so bad that the newest Iraqi construction project is for TWO new morgues. Well, if you don't build houses for the people, you got to put them some place.
I should apologize for the sarcastic comments, but, well, I won't. This whole Bushwar crap is just beyond ALL reason. Screw up two countries, don't have the decency to say "sorry", and now rattle your little tin sword at a third country. These idiots in D.C. never learn. It is one thing for them to ignore history of say, the early part of the 20th century, but when they don't even learn from their own last "invasion", that pushes tolerance of their stupidity beyond any human limits.
impeach the entire administration! Don't wait until after the elections, do it NOW. Then bring our troops home.
Tell the goddamned NSA to STOP spying on Americans in America. It is ILLEGAL! Tell Homeland Security to get their act together as well. We have been very lucky so far this hurricane season. It isn't over yet.......... Last year, we even had one "out of season", so be prepared folks.
One last "happy" note for this posting. The old housing bubble looks ready to burst. According to some reports, next year may see it break. That could start a world wide mess. If America goes into a recession, will China sell off those treasury bills they hold? If they do, look out for a very hard landing right here at home. What? You didn't know that good old China (aka communist China) holds billions of dollars of US treasury bills/bonds? Somebody needs to "google" like, right away.
That is right folks. Old W is fighting terror on borrowed money. Yes indeed, we are so broke, that we need to borrow money to fight the war on terror. Ain't America grand?
Well, that is more than enough, maybe too much for this posting. Until next time, if the NSA don't send me to Gitmo first.....LOLMAO
Screw the feds!

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